10 biggest beauty mistakes

Indira Kasaeva lists the worst beauty blunders that women make
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on July 30, 2015

Striving to achieve the glamourous hair, perfect make-up and keep up with a beauty regime there are things that are neglected and some that are being done plain wrong. You might not know it, but there are several mistakes that you can be making while doing your make-up. Check out the list to see what make-up sins you’re committing.

Applying too much foundation

Every woman dreams of even toned, smooth and clear skin and in chasing that dream we get carried away with too much foundation. A thick layer of foundation makes you look much older and gives a cake face effect. Your skin is supposed to look fresh so use sheer foundation, keep it light and make sure to not overdo it. To cover up pigmentation and breakouts, use a concealer under the foundation.

Hair conditioning all over the hair

It is the biggest mistake women make. Applying conditioner from roots to tips is the worst thing you can do to your scalp as it prevents it from breathing. Conditioner on roots is the ultimate source of oily hair. After shampooing apply conditioner only from the middle of the hair to the tips, keep for two minutes and rinse.

Plucking eyebrows

This is best done by professionals, however if you pluck your own eyebrows don’t do it too close to an amplifying mirror.  The danger is that you will focus on plucking the specific hairs and will lose the overall shape of the brow. First shape your eyebrows in a full face mirror from a distance and only then remove extra hairs in an amplifying mirror.

Forgetting your neck

You’ve cleansed your face, applied a toner and slathered your face with moisturizing cream – good job! However, you should not forget the sensitive area of your neck. The skin on the neck is thin and also very prone to ageing. It requires almost just as much attention and care as the face.  Your clean-tone-moisturize face routine should always be continued to your neck to avoid wrinkles and sagging.

Lip liner colour

The lip liner should match the lipstick colour or be almost the same shade. A lip liner’s main task is to create a perfect shape and keep the lipstick in place. Do not use lip liner much darker or lighter than your lipstick as it creates a disastrous look. Also, don’t overdo it; large lips may be in fashion but it’s a bad idea to draw them too much over your natural lips. A lip liner should be applied just a little above the contour of your own lips — don’t wander too far off.

Not using sunscreen

Rain, hail or snow – you have to wear at least a protection of SPF15.  UVB rays are direct, but UVA rays that damage and age your skin are indirect and can reach your skin anywhere through clouds, smog or glass. You might be sitting in the office but if it’s sunlit, the chances are that UVA rays reach your face. Always protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen at least to your face and neck.

Wrong exfoliation

If you are happy that your skin is squeaky clean after you exfoliate it – there’s nothing to be too happy about. Exfoliating and using a scrub daily will do more harm than good as it damages your skin. Ideally you should exfoliate you skin not more than 1-2 times a week. The process does clean your skin, but it should be done once in a while to allow the skin to recover and regenerate skin cells.

Not cleaning your brushes

There’s a reason why you can’t use mascara for more than three months: Make-up is the perfect arena for bacteria. Neglecting hygiene applies to all make-up brushes, hair brushes and sponges. It is essential to wash your brushes with soap or use a special sanitizing spray, also replace your sponges every two weeks. Brushes and sponges are a perfect platform for bacteria to spread causing allergies and breakouts.

Not blending face and neck make-up

You might not notice it or notice it only later; the end of foundation at your jawline — a major make-up sin. Blending your foundation is a big chunk of how great your make-up actually looks. Your face should be the same shade as your neck, so don’t forget to blend your foundation and powder onto your neck and ears.  The end result should be a seamless and natural complexion.

Bronzer and blush application

A bronzer is meant to create an effect of glowing skin by adding a touch of shimmer. If you overdo it you create a glitter fairy face, not glowing skin. Use a large brush and just swipe over cheeks, forehead and chin in swift movements. If it seems to you that there is still too much, don’t hesitate to brush off. A blush should not be applied in circles to cheeks, spread it across the cheekbones to contour your face in an attractive manner.


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