7 best fat blasters

We all have days when there’s no time to go to the gym. So we wondered: Which close-to-home cardio activities blast fat fastest? Wonder no more.
The Community By Shayantani Sinha
Published on July 1, 2014
fat blasters


Skating is number one on our list. The big burn stems from the side-to-side movement of thigh and butt muscles. Your core gets involved in a big way to keep balance without putting stress on your knees and joints. Skate at a strong, steady pace. Don’t forget your helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.


The major running muscles — legs, butt, core — are the biggest calorie-and-fat-burning muscles. To get the most out of each stride, swing your arms close to your body, don’t lean forward, and keep your feet low to the ground. To lessen impact, land on the middle of your foot, then roll through to your toes.


To get the most from each jump, use a rope with handles that reach under your armpits when you stand on the middle of it, and follow these top-form tips: Jump with your feet slightly apart and body upright, and keep your jumps low to the ground. You’ll get the same benefits by doing the movements rope-free.


Marisa Tomei and Beyoncé hoop to keep themselves beautiful. Grab an adult-sized hoop; it must reach your chest when you stand it up in front of you. Keep it going around your waist. To start, stand with one foot in front of the other and shift your weight back and forth (versus around in a circle).


Don’t think you need a partner or trek to a court to break a super sweat with racket in hand. Simply find a flat area near a wall or garage door that you can hit the ball against. Alternate forehand and backhand shots — then see how many you can do in a row without goofing. Stand 10 to 25 feet away.


This may not be the biggest calorie-burner in the bunch, but it’s still an excellent — and fun! Just look at Kelly Osbourne, who jump-started her 42-pound loss on Dancing with the Stars. The key is to keep the tempo high, choosing songs with fast rhythms like Latin or Bollywood, and don’t rest between songs. Download your favourite tunes. Begin with an upbeat inspirational song (Just Dance by Lady Gaga), then move on to songs with faster tempos.


You should walk briskly so that it’s difficult to keep up steady conversation. To get the most from your biggest calorie-burning muscles — legs, butt and core — take short, quick steps, keep your torso upright and pump your arms back and forth (not side to side) in time with your stride. With each step, land on your heel and roll through to your toes.


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