Award-winning academics collaborate on children’s book in Dubai

Celebrity academics author Batbut to encourage young minds to think, love and relate to life as they grow up in this city of dreams
The Community By Indira Kasaeva / Staff Reporter
Published on May 13, 2015
batbut article

DUBAI Fun, entertaining and yet imbibing deep moral lessons, Batbut celebrates the beautiful city of Dubai and its adventures through the experiences of a duckling as it learns the nuances of life and achieves its dreams! It’s a concept brought to you by celebrity academics and authors to encourage young minds to think, love and relate to life as they grow up.

Written by award-winning filmmaker, musician, writer and professor, Dr Franziska Apprich, Dean of Canadian University Dubai, in collaboration with Dr Kathy O’Sullivan, an award-winning academic, jewellery and fashion designer and interior artist, Batbut is the first of its kind book for young children published in Dubai.

Children will connect and be mesmerised by the colourful adventures of the brave duckling Batbut as it explores the exhilarating and magnetic world of this city called Dubai. Adults will relate to the character’s struggles and rewards of setting up life in this city of dreams.

Batbut is an enchanting story about setting out into the world, daring to dream and explore, overcoming obstacles and most importantly, making new friends. The book will nurture kids’ imagination and spark creativity while teaching them to follow their dreams no matter what.

Giving a lesson in life, Batbut also opens up the concept of city’s different cultures and iconic landmarks — examples of what can be achieved with hard work.

Written in both English and Arabic, the engaging story will appeal to wide variety of young readers.

About the book:
Some of us never fit in. However, sometimes it’s good not to fit in and yet we dream big — even as big as ‘Dubai’. In fact, it is great for little kids to know that being the ‘ugly duckling’ doesn’t mean that you cannot reach for the stars and become a swan. Batbut is a duck who lives in the desert — away from the water — and feels the same as expats in the city feel when they leave their home countries and arrive in Dubai. Slowly, they discover this wonderful city as they start living here. We can learn so much from Dubai — to welcome all nationalities, make them feel at home and grow together. The future is, therefore, definitely beautiful. Hence, we need to dream big too, adjust and grow with Dubai and enjoy the city. Living in Dubai is a ‘dream come true’. A dream we all dared to dream. So enjoy and reach out for the stars!
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About the authors:
Dr Franziska Apprich is an award winning filmmaker, musician, writer and professor. She believes in innovation, kindness and reaching out for the stars. If you do not dream anymore you are not alive, no matter whether you are a child or an adult. So dream your life, let dreams take over and smile at the unexpected little pleasures in life. You’ll never know when you will find them. Batbut in Dubai is the first of a number of books she and Dr. Kathy O’Sullivan have collaborated on.

Dr. Kathy O’Sullivan is the quintessential multitasker; an award-winning academic, jewellery designer, fashion designer, interior decorator and now children’s fiction author. Her love of children’s fiction grew from making up stories to keep her three nephews in Ireland entertained. Being multilingual, encouraging children in the Gulf to read in both Arabic and English is something she believes strongly in, and thinks traditional fairy-tales, whilst they have their place, need to be revamped in order to make them more relevant to children today. Batbut in Dubai is the first of a number of books she and Dr. Franziska Apprich have collaborated on. She divides her time between Ireland and Dubai.


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