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Anees Baloach urges students to take advantage of some super websites to maximise productivity In this IT-ERA
The Community By Anees Baloach
Published on August 1, 2014
school websites

Browse through these websites to take advantage of the incredible power of the Internet for researching and studying…

Students can plan out their tasks or projects in a visual diagram or flowchart for free and export it to their Google Drive or Dropbox account, PC or web browser.

This site allows students a unique way to research, other than simply Googling. The site offers results based on dynamic computations from its massive data. Just type in a term to see how it works.

This site gives you lessons on a particular coding language and then lets you write code. It even checks your work to see if you’re correct. Lessons offered are in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

This site saves you printer ink, paper and time by letting you print just the sections of a web page you want without all the clutter, like big header images, ADs, etc.

When Google fails, can give you a list of suggested sites according to what you’re looking for.

If you want to transfer big files up to 2GB between you and your friends’ e-mail, this is the site for you.

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. It lets you connect your online accounts so that certain tasks can be automated. For example, a student may set up an IFTTT recipe that sends an SMS text as an alert any time an e-mail from a professor is received. shows you results and trends found on Twitter for whatever topic you search for. Search through links, photos, videos, text tweets or influencers.

Tip of My Tongue

Ever have that strange experience where you’re thinking of a word, but can’t quite verbalize it? Tip of My Tongue — a project on — gives you a list of fields you can fill out to describe the word so that the site can give you relevant suggestions.

This is a popular site that lists tonnes of user-generated recipes from students. Search by category, lifestyle trend, drink recipes or even healthy alternatives.

Student who need to film their computer screen for a presentation, is a good option. Easily create a screencast in the quickest time possible without installing any software or programme.

Lock yourself out of those addictive social media sites to get your work done by using

When you’re a student working on a project either at home on a computer and also at the school library PC and then on a laptop, it can be a real pain. can help you keep your work all synced up and easily accessible across all sorts of devices, including your phone or tablet.

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