Bag your beauty essentials

The Community shares top eight beauty products that you must have in your purse for that perfect look
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on December 5, 2014
Makeup kit

Blotting papers
Blotting papers have an immediate effect on skin; they clean your skin and give it an instant matte effect. They are perfect for removing make-ups or even before touch-ups. They eliminate excess dirt, oil and shine, giving the face a fresh, smooth feel. These are absolute essentials for Dubai’s climate. Sephora’s ‘Three is a Crowd Pleaser’ is a great trio of lavender, tea tree and vitamin C that not only cleans your skin but nourishes it too.

Concealer with SPF
With sun exposure almost all year round, your concealer and foundation must have sun protection of at least SPF 15. Exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation and ageing, so the higher the SPF, the better it’s for your skin. Keep a concealer in your bag for easy touch ups during the day. There’s a wide variety of brands to choose from. Try MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 for a compact packaging option.

Following the concealer is of course the powder — a more practical alternative to foundation. Use loose powder with a brush for easy application. Clarin’s Skin Illusion mineral loose powder comes with an attached brush and light reflecting pigments — perfect and practical to achieve that glowing skin.

Lip balm
If you are not a big make-up fan, a quick balm touch will keep your pout bright and moisturised. Choose balms with almond or coconut oil. We love Boot’s varieties of lip balms with organic oils and fruity smells.

Eau de toilette
Unfortunately most fragrances do not last long. Therefore, get the same brand of toilet water and throw it into your purse to keep the scent throughout the day. Some fragrances have gift packs with smaller bottles perfect for purses.

No matter how tired and exhausted you might be, a touch of blush will always make you look full of life. That’s the trick. For an easy on-the-go application, try Max Factor’s Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in four different colours and amazing creamy texture.

Hair brush
A small hair comb is a definite must-have to keep your locks smooth and styled. Going out and about will definitely mess up your morning hair-do, so keep a small hair brush to keep your crowning glory neat. There are small and foldable versions that won’t take up much space in your bag. Having a few pins and a hair tie might also be a good idea.

Make-up pallete
If your work day or outing extends to a night out, you need a quick make-up touch of eye-shadow and mascara. Instead of carrying a make-up bag that will take too much space in your purse, get a make-up pallet. It saves space and is easier to use. The perfect option would be Benefit’s She’s So Jet Set pallete containing eye shadows, mascara, a primer, face powder, lip-gloss and applicators — all you need in one small box.


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