Blue beauties

Join the blue brigade for dazzling eyes. From subtle to statement, Jule McClean reveals the right hue for you...
The Community By Jule McClean
Published on June 1, 2014

Put down the black eyeliner — it’s time to bring on the summertime blues. Veering away from a classic look is never really easy, but this season’s palette of sea-inspired blues are pretty persuasive, whether you want to dip a toe in the water or dive right in. Yes that’s right… blue is officially the new black this summer. From inky navy liner at Mary Katrantzou to embellished aquamarine lids at Christian Dior, there’s a hue and application for everyone.
The look may be borrowed from the Eighties but, reworked with modern techniques, blue eyes can be both striking and super subtle. In fact, blue creates the same drama as black but with the added benefit of brightening your eyes.

Eye know best
Before you decide how bold you want your blue, the beauty shelves are awash with tempting oceanic shades. If in doubt, let your eye colour lead the way.
In fact, blue is perfect for you if you have brown eyes. Just remember to choose a deep cerulean or navy blue to give your eye colour more depth. If you have green eyes, choose a brighter blue — more on the teal or turquoise colour family. It’s only those with blue eyes who need to be wary of drowning out their natural colour. Unfortunately, blue eye make-up actually doesn’t really do much for someone with perfect blue eyes — rather it tends to swamp the colour that’s naturally there. So you have to be careful if you have blue eyes.

Aquamarine ace
Flaunt some true blue bravado with a bold wash of colour over the entire eyelid. Use a highly pigmented creamy eyeshadow to really pack a punch. A blue version of a smoky eye can also look dramatic for after-dark moments. Use a deep navy kohl pencil and rim the entire eye, top and bottom. Blink your eyes together hard a few times to move the pencil around then take a soft eyeshadow brush and blend the pencil up and around the eye to create a modern, smoky look. Buff a bold blue eyeshadow, like M.A.C’s Freshwater, over the top of the pencil. Remember to keep your lips and cheeks pared right back to let your eyes work the room.

Thin blue line
A graphic liner is the modern way to work a pop of colour and not go overboard with blue. A directional bold eyeliner is an amazing way to add a mega flash of colour, without having to brave coloured eyeshadow. Draw the eyeliner close to the lashes, starting at the inner corner of the eyelid. A fine line will give discreet colour, while a thicker line will be more dramatic. For a real blink-and-you’ll-miss-it blue moment, sweep inside the lower lash line to achieve an icy stare. If you’re wobbly with the kohl pencil, draw on one of the eye shadow crayon formulations, which are softer and easier to apply. Simply build up the colour for a more extreme look.

Lacquer lashes
Banish visions of Bananarama, because coloured mascara has undergone an amazing 2014 revival. A flash of blue will make your eyes pop in an instant. Just like a black mascara, one coat will add a subtle effect, but layering on two to three generous coats will make a fluttering statement. Don’t be worried about pulling off blue mascara, as it can brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. If you’re wary of full-on blue, start with black mascara and just add a blue mascara to the very tips of the lashes. As blue itself is a cool colour, opt for a lipstick or gloss in similarly cool shades to avoid a clash.

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