Capture the Captur

Edgy, sporty and bright, The Community introduces you to the new Renault Captur
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on December 8, 2014

On November 18, Renault launched its first urban crossover in the UAE. Agile and dynamic, the Captur is an SUV version of Renault’s Clio with raised ground clearance and larger wheels. Captur is in the line with the likes of Nissan Juke. Michelle Ayat, CEO of Arabian Automobiles and Distributor of Renault in the region, said: “It’s the car for 2020. It’s for young and trendy customers looking for a vibrant life. Captur will be leading the competition of the small SUV segment.”


The mini crossover can be branded as stylish. The idea of customisation gives each Captur a personality that makes it stand out on the road. You have three parts you can personalise: The body, wheel rims and minor exterior details like the radiator grille and side protection moulding. The two-coloured paintwork distinguishes the body from the roof, pillars and mirror casting. The pallet boasts five different colours for the body and three options for the roof. The variety of colours goes from basic black and white to mocha brown, Arizona orange and bright Pacific blue. The rims come in orange, black and white.


If you were taken away by the cool exterior of the Captur, the interior will not live up to your expectations. The whole inner space is fairly simple, only the basics. The highlight of the dashboard is the Renault R Link network connected multimedia tablet with a 17-inch touchscreen and voice recognition. The tablet includes programmes like ‘Driving Eco’ that reduce your fuel consumption and other music and phone features. Air conditioning is regulated with filters and toxicity sensors that reduce pollutants; if the pollution level is too high, the system automatically shuts the ventilation.

Despite the simple dashboard, the interior can be customised with the ‘zip collection’.

The seat covers can be unzipped, washed and even changed to another pattern — there are five styles available.

Dubbed as the ‘urban explorer’ by manufacturers, it is fully equipped to fit a tonne inside. The back seats fold making the trunk area almost double. There is also secret removable floor in the trunk for even more storage. The car is comfortable with sufficient leg room and head space. The glove-box compartment has an 11-litre capacity drawer with a light.


The great thing about the engine is that it is Turbo Control efficient. The TCe 120 EDC is powerful and yet careful on fuel consumption. The gearbox on the automatic model is six speeds with fast and smooth upshifting. The car is equipped with the start and stop button and comes along with a hands-free card for remote unlock, engine start and lock functions. There is also parking distance control with four rear parking sensors and a reversing camera that assist in parking.


The Captur is a nice drive for certain people. The trendy, vibrant and sporty exterior of the car will definitely appeal to young adults who’d want an SUV; the Captur is an appearance and cost friendly substitute. The idea is that it can be personalised so that it stands out in traffic and is more appealing to families with kids.


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