The fascinating fact about Vienna that has attracted the world for decades is that it is beyond one’s imagination to experience how it is like to live in the old medieval times and at the same time be drawn to the way it is now by witnessing first-hand how old traditions can be carried out in the modern world with so much grace and respect. Some notable places, things, people, and food you should consider trying and seeing while exploring this dream city are the following: Museums and Palaces. There is no other place in the city to view some … Read more

Home of the pizza, pasta and one of the richest cultures in Europe, Italy is an enchanting country with mesmerizing history, remarkable fashion and unbeatable colour. Mark Twain wrote: “The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo” and indeed Italy is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. From the iconic high fashion capital like Milan, to breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the coast, it is an unforgettable experience that every globetrotter should undergo. A country filled with unimaginable riches of variety from the more reserved North to the expressive and passionate Southerners. Taste the exquisite food, learn a … Read more

Go globetrotting to experience the wintry weather, unique fests and of course the joy of Christmas!

Leave the preparations for Christmas and New Year and set out to enjoy the cool weather! The Community brings you the best experiences that desert life has to offer

With things to see and places to be, So, pack your bag and join The Community on a tour this Eid holidays

During summer, Dubai’s temperature snowballs out of control to unbearable degrees. For a bone chilling experience, why not head straight to Antarctica? The Community reports

If you happen to be just like us, waiting till the last minute to finalise everything for that perfect relaxing holiday during your Eid break, then don’t fret. Sunanda Ghosh brings you some of the best retreats to recharge your batteries…. Eid mubarak!


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