Diwali sparkle

Aurko S. gives you the ultimate shopping guide for stunning decorative and other items this diwali
The Community By Aurko S.
Published on November 1, 2013
diwali lights

The joy of meeting everyone over a family pooja, the fun of doing up your home in traditional colours and diyas, welcoming guests with a colourful rangoli… some Diwali traditions have endured for generations and will continue to do so. These elements make the festival of lights what it is — an occasion to reconnect with your roots and observe time-tested rites and rituals. Dubai offers all the ingredients required to make your celebration a time to remember. Check out this comprehensive shopping guide for things without which no Diwali ceremony is complete:

Items: Aarti thali range, torans, rangoli colours, fairy lights, pooja packets
Special items: Madhoor’s pooja packet is very famous. It has supari, kanku, pooja thread, dry petals and more
Price: Dh20-Dh100 (for the aarti thali), Dh10-Dh100 (for torans), Dh2 (for 100gms rangoli powder)
Contact: 04-352 3609; Cosmos Lane, Meena Bazaar, near Dubai Museum, Dubai

Items: Torans, diyas, rangoli colours, incense sticks, aarti thali
Special items: Rangoli stencils available here are useful for those who are not comfortable with free hand designs
Price: Dh20 onwards (for toran),Dh2 (for 50gm rangoli)
Contact: 04-335 7434; Shop No. 2, ground floor, Karate building, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Karama, Dubai

Items: Diyas, aarti thalis, torans, gift packing, rangolis
Special itmes: Pratha specialises in Shubhlabh hangings and designs that are integral to Diwali decorations
Price: Dh10-Dh20 (for diyas), Dh40-Dh65 (for aarti thali), Dh100-Dh160 (for fancy torans), Dh35-Dh40 (shubhlabh)
Contact: 055-991 5874, 055-991 3874; Next to BurJuman, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Items: Aarti thalis, torans, rangoli platters, gift-wrapping services
Special items: Rikriation has several imaginative gift ideas for Diwali. Their chocolate hampers are much-sought after
Price: Dh15-Dh250 (the entire range)
Contact: 055-908 8545 (contact Priti Goryani); Bur Dubai, Dubai

Items: Torans, rangolis, diyas, aarti thalis, dry fruits, chocolate hampers
Special items: The most special item available here are the floating diyas that add a touch of class to any Diwali decoration. Another specialty are pearl hangings that are a great variation of flower torans
Price: Dh150-Dh250 (for torans), Dh25-Dh200 (for ready rangoli by size), Dh70 (for dry fruits and chocolate hampers), Dh50-Dh200 (pearl hangings)
Contact: 055-778 1826 (contact Harsha Prashant Gandhi); behind Spinneys, next to BurJuman, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Items: Diyas, rangolis, aarti thalis
Special items: Check out their readymade rangolis if you want a beautiful design but don’t know how to make them
Price: Dh20-Dh45 (for diyas), Dh100 (for a set of two ready rangolis), Dh60 (for aarti thali)
Contact: 050-708 4565; No. 202, Barsha Business Point, Al Barsha 1, Dubai

Items: Aarti thalis, diyas, flowers
Special items: This shop offers floral decorations as well as other Diwali supplies
Price: Dh18-Dh25 (aarti thali), Dh35-Dh45 (for torans)
Contact: 04-354 0501; next to Shiva Temple,
Bur Dubai, Dubai

Items: Flower rangolis, flower diyas, torans and loose flowers
Special items: If you want to do anything with flowers, this is the store to go. They offer a wide variety of unique floral decorations. Their flower rangolis are especially fascinating
Price: Dh250-Dh550 (for flower rangoli), Dh350-Dh750 (flower diyas), Dh50-Dh150 (for torans depending on length), Dh60-Dh80 (for loose flowers)
Contact: 04-271 4003; Ground Floor, Burj Nahar Building, Al Muteena Street, Deira, Dubai

Items: Aarti thalis, diyas, special torans
Special items: The bell-torans (hangings made of tiny bells attached creatively) are must-buys at this store.
Price: Dh25-Dh75 (aarti thali), Dh15-Dh110 (flower torans, depending on length), Dh20-Dh110 (bell torans)
Contact: 04-353 4223; near Shiva Temple, Near Gate No. 1, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Items: Aarti thali, lights, wall hangings, torans and diyas
Special items: Choitram has mud diyas as well as painted, terracotta ones
Price: Dh10 onwards (for a pack of diyas)
Contact: 04-352 4012; Al Raid Building, Bur Dubai. Near Khaleej Centre, Dubai

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