Dream destinations on a low budget

Think that you cannot afford a vacation? The Community proves you wrong…
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on October 20, 2015

The reality is that you can travel on a tight budget to almost any destination; the secret is making wise aka early choices and getting ready for an adventure filled with more exploring than relaxing at the hotel. Get lost in urban settings of new cities, roam restlessly the streets meeting new cultures and take in the beauty of the nature settings.
Whenever it comes to travel, the sacred rule is prior booking! The earlier you buy your ticket the cheaper, and with prior hotel bookings you get the best deals. An absolute treasure for hotel bookings is the www.hotelscombined.com  website.  It finds you the best deals from millions of hotels in two seconds. If it’s the travel season prices are always higher, so the timing plays a crucial role. It is best to travel during the off-peak time when it comes to low-budget traveling because prices are sufficiently lower than usual. We picked the best destinations with the greatest value for money.

In Greece, Mykonos is one of the best options with ravishing gorgeous views of the sea, great beaches and numerous hotels.  Two people can easily stay at good hotel for a week on a budget under Dh5000. The hotels are more like motels; the rooms are small and simple, but quite chic and bright with splendid views of the coastline in your windows. If you want a relaxing beach experience, Mykonos is the place. Check out places like Akrotiraki Hotel, Harmony Boutique and Leto Hotel.

With thousands of hotels ranging from one star hostels to five stars luxury suites, Turkey is pure heaven for low budget traveling.  Whatever city you pick, you are bound to find an amazing deal for a stay. As an example, a four star hotel, with reviews quoting “Superb!” will be around Dh1500, with an average of approximately Dh180 per night. The hardest part travelling to Turkey will be picking out of the thousands of options.  A few examples are the Victory Hotel & Spa Istanbul or Mevre in Antalya.

Keeping in mind a low budget, Central Thailand is the best shot. The farther away you wonder from the centre, the less cheap options you get. For example Bangkok has a lot of good deals in four star hotels and even pretty modish guesthouses. Comparing the quality of the places, the pricing is just amazing. You can easily find an excellent week’s stay for around Dh2500 depending on when you travel. Check out Mode Sathorn Hotel and Citrus Sukhumvit 13 for an urban stay in the heart of Bangkok.  If you want a more relaxing resort-like experience check out the hotels in Kanchanaburi for greater offers.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a notch more expensive in finding a good stay with affordable pricing. However, a little more research and you can find cosy villas for rent and motels located in lush green settings. One option would be Riverdale Eco Resort, rated three stars with rates starting from around Dh370 a night. The resort has great reviews with clean and comfortable rooms.

For exploring the sensual Spanish culture, pick cities like Barcelona or Granada for cheaper options. The country’s tourism system is perfectly structured to accommodate travellers. Besides having hostels and dormitories for even cheaper stays, the country is packed with average hotels with great rooms at a decent price. You can reserve a seven night stay for two for around Dh2000 in Granada in places like Hotel Parraga Siete with stylish rooms in a 19th century building or NH Inglaterra with a more contemporary style. Tickets and a one week hotel stay in Barcelona will cost you more or less around Dh10,000 in non-tourist seasons.


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