Dune bashing — The Arabian roller coaster

Love some adrenaline-rush? Take the best of what Dubai sands have to offer.
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on February 15, 2015
dune bashing

Love some adrenaline-rush? Take the best of what Dubai sands have to offer. Dune bashing is one the most daring and craziest desert experiences to try. You will never forget the thrill of setting off a top of a dune! Driving on high speeds on the shifting desert sands is not that easy either. Definitely meant for the adventurous hearts out there, you will struggle to stay in control while your 4×4 sends heaps of sands into the air on another turn. You will be amazed by the skills of professional desert drivers as they take the jeeps rushing up and down the sandy mountains. In a split second you will experience how the atmosphere electrifies as you see the height you’re about to go down from. When the car hits top speed you will feel the adrenaline rush sweeping in as you embark on this wild roller coaster ride. Dune bashing is the ultimate Dubai desert experience, and one of the best things to do for some extreme fun. Most tour companies in Dubai offer dune bashing as part of their safari package, so get away from the city and spend a fun day in the scenic settings of the desert. If riding over dunes at high speeds is your thing, you’ll also love quad biking. Get behind the wheel and go on a wild desert race with your friends!

Dubai Dune Bashing
Contact: +971-52-904 28 05
Visit: http://www.dubaidunebashing.com/index.html

Oasis Palm Tourism
Contact: +971-4-262 88 89
Visit: http://www.opdubai.com/

Desert Safari Dubai
Contact: +971-4-456 99 44
Visit: http://www.desertsafaridubai.com/index.html


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