Eight natural ways to combat ageing and stay young

Want to look and feel young? Indira Kasaeva tells you how to battle ageing skin
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on July 30, 2015

“Nature gives you the face you have at 20. Life shapes the face you have at 30. At 50 you get the face you deserve” said the famous Coco Chanel. Your way of living is what will shape your face at 30 and depending on how hard you work, is what you will get at 50 — it is all a matter of how much effort you put into staying young and fighting ageing.
There comes a time when we want to stop growing old and stay young forever. The fact that the ageing process is unstoppable hasn’t stopped people from trying to stay young at any cost. However, there are alternative ways to combat ageing than heading into the plastic surgery ward.

A healthy diet
There is nothing better you can do to combat ageing, than maintain a healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body from within. An ideal diet would consist of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains. Eat more fibre rich vegetables and add protein to every meal.  Avoid junk food and sweets, and indulge in antioxidants like cocoa, green tea and dark chocolate instead. Antioxidants protect your skin and get rid of toxins in your body. Healthy fats are also necessary for a balanced diet; include omega3 fatty acids found in salmon and snack on nuts filled with healthy fats that are good for your skin.

Exclude white sugar from your diet
Refined white sugar is a disaster for skin elasticity as it binds with collagen and weakens it causing an easier formation of wrinkles. There are no benefits to refined white sugar, so it is best to exclude it from your menu completely. Use substitutes such as brown sugar or better yet, honey or natural sweeteners. The only way you can use refined white sugar would be as a body scrub along with some olive oil – it will leave your skin polished and soft.

The daily face routine
It is a message that wise mothers pass on to their young daughters as a holy mantra for good skin; the three-step daily face ritual is the very least you can do. It is simple yet very effective if turned into a habit, as it will keep your skin young and healthy. Wash your face with a cleansing foam, prepare with a lotion or toner and apply a moisturizing cream. This routine should be the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing to do before you fall asleep at night. Use a day cream to keep your skin protected from the pollution and harmful UV rays, and a night cream to stimulate cell generation for young and wrinkleless skin. Dermatologists suggest moisturizing creams that boost cell production, spike collagen growth and protect your face from damaging effects of the environment.

 Hydrate and moisturize your skin
To keep the skin on your body elastic, hydrating it is a must. Opt for nature’s own gifts in the forms of oils.  Almond, coconut, olive and sesame oils have several beauty uses for skin and hair. To nourish your skin, rub some oil into the skin before you take a shower. An extra 10 minutes of the treatment will go a long way and your skin will be more supple and nourished.

Take care of your hands
The skin on the hands is extra sensitive and even if you look young, very often hands give away the age. Always protect your hands when doing chores or cooking by wearing latex or vinyl gloves. To keep your hands more youthful, once in a while exfoliate your hands and use a nourishing mask. Applying hand cream every night will also keep the skin and nails in top shape.

Always wear sunscreen
It is proven that sunlight is a major skin ageing factor. You don’t have to be at the beach to get effected by the harmful rays, so a sunscreen is an essential part of any day. Your daily moisturizer must have SPF protection, much like your foundation or powder. Doctors have proven that UVA rays are indirect which makes them go through anywhere.

Stop stress
Stress is a big player in accelerating ageing. Try to limit stress as much as possible and also find something that helps you release it. Yoga is an ideal example that will keep not only your body young but also your mind. A body is a complex system with several different departments, and only if everything works well together can the ageing process be slowed down.

Be active
An active lifestyle is another key to combating aging. It is necessary to exercise daily to prevent senile sarcopenia which is loss of muscle mass due to aging. Due to inactivity of muscle fibers, a person’s skin starts to sag and there is change in posture. To avoid sarcopenia movement, weight training and an active lifestyle are the only solutions.


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