Explore marine life with scuba diving

Dive into the azure blue waters of the Gulf and explore the rich marine world teaming with exotic species
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on March 24, 2015
Explore marine life

Dive into the azure blue waters of the Gulf and explore the rich marine world teaming with exotic species. The UAE offers great spots for scuba diving with perfect visibility and interesting underwater life all around its coast. Take a marine tour and use the help and experience of professionals to take you to the best locations and instruct you on the sport of scuba diving. You will need guidance and hands-on expertise when diving for the first time. Prepare to gear up with an oxygen tank and swimming equipment and learn how to use them. It is best to go scuba diving with professional divers who can show you around the finest sea beds, as well as keep you safe. Explore coral reefs, meet turtles and swim with sharks. The best destinations for scuba diving are along the East Coast, so check out marine tours that head to Fujairah, Dibba and the likes. These places provide stunning seascapes and amazing views both above and below water. A marine tour will give you basic training, take you to the best diving locations in the UAE and also provide you with all the necessary equipment. For a fun and enthralling experience, immerse yourself into waters of Gulf of Oman, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Scuba diving will leave you enchanted by the underwater world.

The Dive Centre
Visit: http://www.thedivecentre.ae/
Contact: +971-9-244 50 50

Al Boom Diving
Visit: http://alboomdiving.com/
Contact: +971-4-342 29 93

Deep Blue Sea Diving
Visit: http://www.diveindubai.com/
Contact: +971-4-430 82 46


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