Fat to fit in 60 days

We all fantasise about being healthier, fitter and stronger, but there’s hardly any time to get into shape! Keeping this in perspective, The Community offers a golden chance to win a prize for an extra bit of sweat!
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Published on October 5, 2014
Gold’s Gym

In recent years, various types of sports have come to dominate our lifestyle – be it football or tennis, cricket or basketball, it’s no wonder that the focus on being fit and healthier is indeed becoming popular.

However, starting an exercise can be a daunting task, especially if there is no one to encourage you. That’s where Gold’s Gym comes in. The gym has taken an initiative to encourage people to join its ‘fat-to-fit in 60 days’ 2014 challenge.

“The goal of the challenge is to excite people on fitness and instil a sense of belief and camaraderie in them,” says Gold’s Gym UAE’s Chief of Operations, Nitesh Seebran.

This year the annual tradition welcomed non-members to join members and participate in the fitness challenge.

“With the 2014 Gold’s Gym Challenge, we invited our community of members, along with non-members who are up for the challenge, to revolutionise their lives by shedding those extra kilos and improving fitness. The idea is to inspire a wide spectrum, from enthusiasts to families, to become healthier and live better lives,” says Seebran.

The aim of the competition states that those who achieve the highest fat loss, muscle gain and can demonstrate the highest levels of fitness across a circuit challenge will win a huge cash prize.

According to Ali Al Samahi, Al Ahli Holding Group’s Head of Ventures Division, Gold’s Gym’s ability in making a difference goes beyond temporary weight loss. “Gold’s Gym wants to make a credible difference in addressing the threats of obesity, disease and unhealthy lifestyles that are prevalent in our society.

With initiatives like the Gold’s Gym Challenge, we want to kick start our community into making a sustainable and positive difference in their lives,” he says.

The four winners across male and female categories will share Dh120,000 worth of cash prizes.

The winning male and female member of Gold’s Gym will take home a cash prize of Dh50,000 each, and the top non-member fitness gainers and weight losers will be rewarded with Dh10,000 in cash each.

The event kicked off on September 28, where participants had 60 days to make their physical transformation, as final measurements and weigh-ins take place on November 27.

They will also be taking part in the finale fitness circuit challenge event, which is expected to be a family day of fun, taking place on December 6.

Fitness facts

  • Exercise boosts brainpower
  • Movement melts away stress
  • Exercise gives you energy
  • Fitness pumps up your heart
  • Stretching is important after workouts

Fitness myths

  • Stretching before workouts decreases risk of injury
  • Long-distance cardio is good for fat loss
  • More is better
  • Squatting is bad for your knees
  • Crunches are the best ways to get a six-pack

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