Five easy steps to reduce eye-strain

If you’ve been behind the laptop all day, Indira Kasaeva tells you how to save your eye sight
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on August 23, 2015

Screens have become an integral part of our lives; they follow us everywhere from home to work and even to our beds. Television, computers, laptops, digital billboards, GPS systems and smartphones – it is an epidemic that has taken over the world and our eye-sight. Staring at computer screens for many hours puts a lot of strain on our eyes. Here are a few easy ways to release the tension and keep your eyes healthy.

  • When we focus on reading, watching TV and working on computers, our eyes blink less which creates a serious strain on the eyes. Take a break, and for one minute blink every four seconds to lubricate the eye, replenish the tear film and clear the cornea.
  • Pick an object six to ten meters away and keep your focus on it for 20 seconds without moving your head. It releases the pressure from the muscles and allows the eyes to relax. This exercise is especially good for people who spend long hours in front of computers.
  • Start slowly rolling your eyes clockwise and counter clockwise while increasing the speed. Practice eye-rolling 15-20 times. Rolling your eyes improves local blood circulation, reduces eye-strain, tones the muscles and has a massaging effect on your eyeballs.
  • Warm up your hands by rubbing them together and place each hand over a closed eye for a few minutes. Palming warms up the eyes and has a relaxing effect.

Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and glance as high as possible, then as low as possible. Open your eyes, look around, and repeat the exercise but this time glance left and right. Repeat a few times.

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