Food dangers: Top 10 carcinogenic foods

What you eat has a lot to do with how healthy you are, check out the list of the unhealthiest food you consume
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on October 18, 2015

According to the worldwide statistics in cancer fatalities, around 8 million people die of cancer annually. Along with that, studies show that around 30 per cent of deaths could have been prevented. Even though cancer research is still ongoing and the reason behind cancer is undiscovered, there are numerous studies that suggest that our lifestyle might be an indirect cause of the devastating disease.
All processed foods that have a long shelf life are not just unhealthy, they have worst consequences on your health than you may imagine. Even the so called ‘organic food’ craze that has been sweeping the world is somewhat better; however most of the products in the grocery stores have been chemically treated or genetically modified. How do you fancy a tomato with a gene of a fish?

Processed meats
Processed meats are things like bacon, hot dogs, sausages and lunch meat. All such meats contain sodium nitrite as a preservative and flavouring or antimicrobial agents. The dangers of nitrates are that they transform into cancer-causing nitrosamines in your body. This is the link that researchers made when they conducted studies that showed that people with high processed meat intake were 50 per cent more likely to get colorectal, stomach and pancreatic cancers.

Potato chips and French fries
Any food cooked in temperatures higher than 120°C is harmful. However potato chips and French fries are found to be the worst. Foods cooked in very high temperatures form carcinogenic substances. It is well knows that cancer cells feed on fat, and chips and French fries are full of fat, trans fats, preservatives, artificial flavourings and sodium. And that’s exactly why they have such an appealing flavour while in reality it is one of the worst foods for your health.

Diet foods and drinks
The foods and beverages that have stickers of ‘no sugar added’ actually have something worse than sugar. The European Food Safety Authority conducted numerous studies which linked artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin which are used as sugar substitutes, to being cancer causing ingredients.

Hydrogenated oils
When buying food products make sure that the oil in the ingredients is not hydrogenated. Opt for healthier substitutes such as olive, canola or soy oil. The hydrogenated oils are present in processed food to preserve and extend shelf life. Fast-food, peanut butter, cake frosting, donuts and the likes all contain hydrogenated oils. Always check the ingredients list before you buy a product.

Refined white flour
White flour which is bleached with chlorine gas has excess carbohydrate content. If consumed daily, surplus of carbohydrates is found to be linked to increase in breast cancer according to some research. Carbohydrates also cause high levels of sugar in blood which in turn, directly affects the spread and growth of cancer cells.

Refined sugars
Cakes, cookies, sweets and all alike contain high-fructose corn syrup, which our body can hardly metabolize. Keep in mind that soft drinks are loaded with refined sugars which easily spike insulin levels and cause cancer cell growth.

Microwaved popcorn
Popcorn bags are not just very convenient but very harmful too. The fact that it is so convenient is actually what makes it harmful because the bags are lined perfluorooctic acid which might be linked to increased risks of kidney, bladder and liver cancers. It also contains diacetyl which is considered as a carcinogen. The pop-corn prepared in machines is a better alternative to the microwavable bags.

GMO and non-organic foods
The beautiful, colourful and even shiny fruits we see in our local supermarket stores are actually fruits contaminated with pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers, not to mention that they are genetically modified. All these factors in the long run are harmful and can potentially cause cancer. The most contaminated fruits are apples, strawberries, grapes and oranges.

Farmed Salmon
The natural salmon has a ton of health benefits and is actually very good for you; however the same can’t be said for the farmed salmon. Farmed salmon is bred on unnatural diets and is usually infected with antibiotics and pesticides that are carcinogens, and chemicals that give it a redder colour.

Highly salty, pickled or smoked foods
Foods that have been salted, pickled or smoked absorb all the elements in which they were prepared in. Highly salted foods contain nitrates that are used as preservatives to keep the products longer. Pickled or smoked foods absorb the chemicals and tar that are used in the preparation process, which essentially make these products become toxic.


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