Footwear frenzy

The Community puts its best foot forward to give you a glimpse of what your shoes ‘speak’ about you
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Published on November 11, 2014

Of course no one should be judged solely by his or her shoes, but when we meet someone for the first time, or sit in a café watching others, we simply can’t help but look at the person’s footwear and form an instant perception of what he or she might be like. So, why not go shoe-hunting to bring your best foot forward?

Ladies first…

Shoes always ‘make’ the outfit stand out, but women never seem to have enough of them — do they? Women have this urge to buy more and more and even though their shoe cabinets are often overloaded, they still feel that they need a new pair! And even when they’re spoilt for choice, there’s always that one pair that’s their ‘go to shoe’. Sometimes, your shoe choice says a lot about your personality. See if your favourite shoe matches your personal characteristics…


Heels make your legs look more toned and taller. Women who love to wear heels are confident and have a great taste in fashion — they give you that ‘runway look’. The heel girl is shoe-obsessed and would appreciate more if you comment on her footwear than her clothes.


Style and comfort, all in one. Those who love wearing wedges are practical, stylish and down to earth. Wearers of this shoe type are very comfortable with their femininity. They can balance sexiness while being grounded.


Who doesn’t love this comfortable and chic style? If you’re a flats-lover, you are productive and outspoken. For you, style is as important as comfort. Flat-shoe wearers have a lot of drive and get the job done; they’ll solve friends’ problems as well as their own.

Loafers and Oxfords

Versatile and timeless…. If you love loafers and oxford shoes, you are creative and have a unique style. Sometimes you prefer doing everything by yourself and you are never afraid to try something new.


Summer is your favourite time of the year and you love the feel of breeze between your toes. Sandals girls love to keep things natural and the only make-up they need is sunscreen. Sandals show that you have a relaxed attitude and prefer an easy going life.


If you have an addiction to boots, then you are sociable and love to travel. You have a strong personality; you’re fearless and love adventure. This shoe type is worn by women who have an edgy style, who are confidant and yet at the same time fun and outgoing.

Gentlemen, check this out…

The choice of shoes is far more important than many men realise. Whether they’re trying to impress a lady or make a splash at an upcoming job interview, men’s shoes say everything about them.


Brogues tell the world that you take your profession seriously, but your social life is also equally important. Black leather brogues are preferable in office but can also be worn for special occasions or a night out. This shoe is versatile by nature, and so are you.

Penny Loafers

You’re either a senior finance executive, a lawyer or some other top-notch professional. Colleagues see you as the funny guy always joking around in office, even though your sense of humour may not be appropriate. You’re a bit rough around the edges, but people respect and admire you.

Boat Shoes

You know how to have a good time. Friends are always happy to see you and your presence can change the atmosphere of any room. You’ve got a laid-back yet adventurous personality. If you prefer going sockless, it’s totally acceptable. You can get away with it.


Boots are the classic men’s shoe. They tell people you’re a ‘hands-on’ kind of guy. You enjoy fixing things, which is why your friends always call you when they need help fixing their car, boat or just about anything.


No one takes you seriously. You’re lazy and probably do nothing all day. Yes, we know they’re comfortable, but the only way to move on with your life is to get off the couch and change your shoes.

Suede or Canvass

You’re likely a young university student or have just graduated. You constantly worry about your future, but in the meantime just want to have fun. Life is tough right now and you struggle, but someday you’ll achieve success.

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