Game of Thrones premier of season 5

The time has come! The long wait is over as the fifth season of Games of Thrones airs April 13th!
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on April 12, 2015

Be one of the first to watch the new episodes of your favourite fantasy saga. OSN gives you the opportunity to see the TV series the same time as they air in the US. Experience the real deal by watching the uncut and uncensored episodes just as they premiere in the US. Plus once the episode is out, you can watch and re-watch the best moments any time as the episodes are available on demand. There’s no more waiting and no more anticipation, you will be watching the series as they premiere ahead of most people around the world. A major plus will also be that you get access to all the previous seasons of the Game of Thrones. The only way to immerse yourself into the GoT world as it airs for the first time, is exclusively with OSN On Demand Extra and OSN Play. Sign up for the Platinum package and enjoy watching the most talked about TV show.

Named as one of the most famous TV series of the recent years, Games of Thrones is a fantasy drama full of epic action set in the medieval times. The series have acclaimed a huge fan base and the fifth season of the captivating plot was highly anticipated. Produced by HBO television, Game of Thrones is full of blood, love, lust and war – enough to captivate anyone. Watch the whole story and open for yourself the mythical fantasy of Game of Thrones.

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