Gym mistakes to avoid

New to the gym? Learn how to avoid the most common errors during training
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on August 22, 2015

You’ve finally decided to change your life for the best and joined the gym full of motivation; one of the most important steps has been made. Hold on to the motivation because it is very easy to get lost in the overwhelming and new world of training. Keep your confidence and make your workouts more efficient by avoiding the biggest mistakes beginners make at the gym.

Not warming up

A warm up session should be the beginning of any workout. When you skip a warm up, your muscles and joints are not ready for weights or specific movements, so you take on a great risk of injury. All it takes is a couple of minutes of easy and fast exercises to get your body ready for exercise.

Trying to impress

Forget about other people around you and don’t compare yourself to the guy or girl at the next machine. As a beginner, focus on slowly adapting your body to the extra physical activities and don’t try to impress anyone. By trying to lift heavier or run faster, you only risk getting injured. Each person is different and no one was born with superpowers, everyone began somewhere just like you. On the other extent be careful of your own dedication on your first days. Don’t push yourself too hard the first week. You will feel the full effect of your workout session only the next day with sore muscles.

Forgetting your diet

Depending on the goals you set for yourself, your diet will be different; however this is to stress that there should be a diet in place. To work out and achieve certain goals, your body requires the right amount of nutrition.  No matter how well you work out, if you don’t eat right you won’t get the results you aim for, not in a healthy way at least. A healthy diet and training are two pieces of a puzzle. Find a meal plan that fits you and follow it.

Cardio or weightlifting

The answer is: Both! Skipping cardio for a better weightlifting session or vice versa is a mistake. For a good workout combine weightlifting and cardio. Cardio workouts boost your metabolism and are great for your cardiovascular system; all it takes is a short circuit workout or a run on the treadmill. Weightlifting has many of its own benefits for a toned physique and muscle building.


If you want to reap great results, you have to have a plan. Showing up at the gym and doing a set of random exercises is a waste of time and energy.  Do some research, find a plan, write it down and stick to it. You can start with three or four week plans and progress to bigger goals. This way, you will know exactly what you have to do every time you hit the gym while also teaching you discipline.

Setting unrealistic goals

Just because you joined the gym it doesn’t mean you can lose 20kgs or become a body builder in one month.  Set achievable goals that will give you good and healthy results. Training your body requires time; months and even years so don’t rush and be realistic. Perceive your training as a new lifestyle to achieve your goal. If you aren’t sure of how long it will take you to reach your fitness aim, consult a personal trainer for expert advice.

Skipping rest days

Every fitness program includes rest days. Some rest days may be planned, other have to be taken at your own decision. Don’t skip rest days even if you want to achieve your goal as fast as possible. Rest days are part of the process of getting fit. You should have at least one rest day a week to give your body a break and let your muscles recover.  If you are constantly tired, your workouts suffer, therefore always get enough sleep, eat healthy and rest on your off days

Basic hygiene

It might not seem like it, but basic hygiene is extremely important especially at the gym.  A gym is the perfect place for bacteria to breed. Make sure that your gym is clean in general and take care of your own hygiene. With sweaty bodies using the same machines, make an effort to clean the machine you’ll be using. Just swipe an antibacterial tissue in the potentially ‘dirty’ spots. Some gyms have cleaners who clean the machines after every use. It’s very easy to catch an infection in a place like the gym.

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