Heart’s day for the singles

Whether you are single or have been through a broken relationship, Valentine’s day is not just for couples... so get going and feel the love for yourself
The Community By Roselou Warren
Published on February 1, 2014
Heart's day for singles

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can often be awkward if you are single or have just recovered from a broken relationship. The feeling is not just a dispiriting reminder of the fact that your previous relationships didn’t work out, but it’s also an implication among your social circle that you are alone. That’s when emptiness starts creeping into your mind and you start feeling lonely. So what should you do? Is Valentine’s Day meant only for couples? Does it mean if you’re single you have to stay indoors? Do you really need to indulge in self-misery or go headlong into an attempt at grabbing hold of a partner?

Well, being single doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Who said you need a partner to grab a dinner at your favourite restaurant? Who said you can’t have a weekend getaway without a partner? Valentine’s Day is not just about having someone to cuddle with. It’s about pure honest love and what could be more pure and honest than loving and accepting yourself as you are on this special day. So friends, go out and meet new people or celebrate with your best friends this Valentine’s Day. Do not allow any bitterness into your mind. In fact, if a low-key night at home makes you happy, go for it by all means.

Remember, there are no rules in celebrating Valentine’s Day and that love is not about a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers or cards. Love is about knowing deep within that caring for others or accepting yourself for who you are may mean more than just holding hands with your partner at a movie theatre.

The Community gives you these heart-warming tips to lessen your loneliness this Valentine’s Day…


Spending some quality time with a friend might make you realise that life is not all about candlelight dinners or movie dates with a partner. If all your friends have valentines and you happen to be the only single around, go for a swim in the sea — who knows, perhaps that right person might just be around the corner.


If you are living with your relatives or your family, cook breakfast or lunch for them. You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving love and appreciation to those who truly matter to you.


A visit to the nearest spa might do you good. It will certainly relax you and clear off your mind. Also a walk with a pet can do wonders, and if you do not own one or ain’t really a pet lover, then plan a night out at a club — and you may just meet that special someone there!


A lot of children in this world today are alone and unwanted. Why not take a drive to one of the orphanages in town, or some charity foundation where you can share your love with the less fortunate ones. You will know what ‘love’ really means when you see a smile on someone’s face, especially one who has been deprived of affection.


It does not necessarily have to be an opposite sex. You can send chocolates and flowers to your sister, mother, aunt, nieces and cousins. Let people know how you think of them no matter how far they may be.


To divert your attention from wanting to hold hands or expecting something from someone, why don’t you give yourself what you have always wanted, maybe a piece of jewellery or a designer bag. You deserve it!

Therefore friends, get off that grumpy mood and show some love. Don’t sit around in a corner thinking about your current relationship status. Instead, do something that will give you contentment, give something to someone who has been around for so long and you just failed to notice all this time.
Remember, no one is born unloved. Sometimes, being around people who care and love you is more important. So, take time to spend with a relative you have not seen in a long time. Love is a precious feeling — so enjoy it!


Valentine's day for singles

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