Hunting season

More than 60 per cent of UAE employers are hiring in the next three months
The Community By Rose Hockley
Published on September 1, 2014
job hunting

ABU DHABI The UAE is the most attractive job market in the region. Suhail Masri, Vice-President of Sales at told media recently that over 60 per cent of employers are hiring in the next three months.
“The UAE hosts a mix of expatriate and local talents. Due to this, it’s important to know the skills, experience and qualifications employers are looking for,” he said. “Nearly 66 per cent of UAE companies have hired new employees in the last six months, compared to 63 per cent around
the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region,” he added.
So what do UAE employers look for? “The MENA Job Index Survey, conducted in July 2014, reveals the skills most sought after in potential new hires,” Masri said.The survey indicates that employers seek candidates with good Arabic and English skills (60 per cent),
who are team players (50 per cent), have good leadership skills (45 per cent) and good negotiation skills (45 per cent). “In terms of experience, employers mostly seek candidates with the ability to manage a team and have worked in sales, marketing or administration,” he added.
“UAE respondents believe that the most attractive industries retaining top talent are construction (39 per cent) and banking/finance (39 per Cent), followed by oil, gas and petrochemicals (35 per cent),” he said.
“However, in the next three months, companies will seek sales managers (19 per cent), customer service representatives (15 per cent), human resources professionals (14 per cent), project managers (14 per cent) and executive assistants (14 per cent).”
Business management and engineering candidates are the most desired. “The most sought after qualification among candidates in the region is business management. In the UAE, the most desirable qualification is engineering, followed by business management and commerce. As the UAE develops a gamut of educational institutions, jobseekers can easily choose to pursue such qualifications,” Masri said.


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