Karma turns up as destiny for gold-digger

In a stunning twist of fate, a man discovers an ugly truth about his bride-to-be in a live radio call across the country
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on February 10, 2015

DUBAI In a call to the radio station, an anonymous African woman spoke her heart out about the dashing gifts her man, named Neil, gave her: Two pairs of Louboutin shoes worth a staggering Dh48,000 on last year’s Valentine’s Day and a Porsche for Christmas! She also gleefully agreed that her “man” was very “generous”.
However, when the presenter asked her if she would still be with him if he went broke and lost all his money, she replied shocking the entire nation: “I’m very self-centred. So, I don’t know!”
After the call, the story went viral with a “#saveneil” campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Hundreds of messages poured in to save the “poor” man. However, the anonymous lady’s destiny had already worked its magic and she was in for a terrible surprise!
The “generous” lover, who never switched on that particular station as his interest was classical music, happened to have heard the call. He said as he got into his car and switched on the radio, he got to hear his girlfriend on air as she had been listening to the channel the night before.
The next day, sounding very heartbroken, Neil spoke to the station and unravelled his plans for February 14. He had already booked a two-night stay at the Burj Al Arab for Valentine’s Day planning to pop the big question. However, after hearing his girlfriend’s “self-centred” confession, he decided to call off everything and end the relationship.

But guess what his “beloved” asked him when he gave the news of the break-up? “Can I keep the Porshe?” And the “generous” lover actually gave in and said “yes”.


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