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Five to 18-year-olds can now master the skills of their Manchester City FC heroes in the UAE
The Community By Aurko S.
Published on September 1, 2014

ABU DHABI Manchester City FC has launched coaching sessions for young players in the UAE. The sessions are open to boys and girls between the ages of five and 18 who wish to learn the skills of their football heroes.

The Club’s Manager Manuel Pellegrini recently spoke of the pride in helping young players in the country develop football skills. “The importance of coaching starts at a young age and it is great that these boys and girls in Abu Dhabi are being taught [football] in the right way,” said Pellegrini, who took the team to the league title last season. “Manchester City is now a global team and it makes me proud to see what is happening in Abu Dhabi with these young players,” he added.

Star midfielder Samir Nasri also expressed his excitement regarding the team’s involvement in the UAE. “Football is very much about passion
and I see that with these young players and many fans in Abu Dhabi,” said Nasri. “The game has always been popular in the Middle East but I really see that the new emerging players are taking the standards higher and it is only going to get better from here,” he added.

The programme starts as the new season of the City Football School at Zayed Sports City (ZSC) in Abu Dhabi begins. Sessions are currently underway, having started in late August. They are held at the indoor arena in ZSC until the weather cools off, after which participants will head for the pitches.

Hundreds of players have been taught at Zayed Sports City in the last three years and the school is constantly growing, acquiring new coaches and higher quality staff.

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