Longest fence made of recycled water bottles

As children learn to mingle and experience the beauty of nature, it is important to teach them its great significance. Blossom Nursery instils in young children the fact that reusing materials is just another way of protecting and caring for our environment
The Community By Roselou Warren
Published on March 1, 2014

The Blossom Early Learning Centre has set up a programme to teach toddlers about recycling and reusing things that are part of our everyday life.
The nursery hopes that every toddler in their care will have a mindset that wasting and abusing our nature will not only look bad in the community but also give us health problems in future.

Recycled water bottles fence is a project that the nursery initiated as an alternative to a wooden fence. Blossom’s staff and students collected thousands of four galloons water bottles and then with the help of a construction company, they made the fence, which went on to make a record as the longest fence made of recycled water bottles in the world — a one of a kind green structure.

The fence is 88m in length with 1,280 recycled bottles, totalling 352m placed side by side.
The fence serves as a symbol of Blossom’s commitment to leading the way in teaching eco-friendly practices to toddlers. The aim of the project was to make the children at the nursery understand why recycling is important, what they can do and how they can reuse items for the benefit of the society and environment.

The fence today serves as a landmark of sustainable and inventive recycling practice for Blossom’s children and the community.
The Blossom Early Learning Centre is known as the first carbon neutral school in the UAE, giving new ways to grow, learn and create sustainable practices to toddlers. Blossom looks forward in making this recycled bottles fence a history as its ‘envirofence’ sets world record for using water bottles, saving virgin wood trees.

The purpose of this project, according to the nursery spokesperson was to “re-think and save natural resources and energy”.

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