Movember or no-shave November

Two different concepts, two very special campaigns -- both sharing one great cause of raising awareness on the deadly disease
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Published on November 8, 2014

It’s November, which can only mean one thing — hair! Whether it’s Movember or no-shave November, people around the world are set to show their support for cancer awareness by letting their hair grow, whether it’s facial or bodily.

According to Cancer Research UK, in 2012, there were 14.1 million new cases of cancer in the world. A research titled Cancers in the United Arab Emirates revealed that cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE, while data from the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi indicated that 13.9 per cent of all deaths in the Emirate, in 2012, were caused by cancer. With over 200 types of cancer today, the disease definitely has taken epidemic proportions.

This month, the big focus is on prostate and testicular cancer, which is where the term ‘Movember’ comes in. An annual event for men growing moustaches during November, this is not just for them to prove their masculinity — how ‘manly’ they are with moustaches — but rather to raise awareness on men’s health related to cancers.

Movember is often confused with no-shave November; however the two have completely different concepts.


Movember challenges men to grow moustache for the 30-days of the month of November to change the face of men’s health. On the first of Movember, men start with a clean shaven face and for the entire month, each ‘Mo Bro’ must grow and groom a moustache.

The crucial part of being a Mo Bro is to raise funds for men’s health. Men donate their face and ask their family and friends to sponsor their efforts.

No-shave November

No-shave November involves women and men. The goal is to grow awareness by embracing your hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.  The idea is to donate the money usually spent on shaving and grooming for a month to educate about cancer prevention, saving lives and aiding those fighting the battle.

Participants grow a beard, cultivate a moustache, let their legs get hair and cancel all their waxing and threading appointment for the month.

Movember focuses mainly on male cancers and only involves growing a moustache. On the other hand No-shave November involves both males and females, focusing on all types of cancers.

Whether some go for Movember or no-shave November, it is all for a good cause. Raising awareness is the first step in fighting this disease, so take this month as a reminder to schedule a check-up with the doctor.

Are you taking part in Movember or no-shave November? Send us your pictures of your moustaches or beards on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or via e-mail at

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