No debt, lose weight

Losing weight may also mean gaining on your debt, as you purchase workout clothes, weight-loss treatments and gym memberships. Roselou Warren tells you how to cut that extra flab without a dent in your pocket
The Community By Roselou Warren
Published on June 1, 2014
gym fees


Specialty gym memberships cost between Dh3,000 dirhams and Dh6,000 per year, while personal trainers are luxuries that often come with an additional cost of Dh2,000 per session.
Opt for a simple routine, something you won’t cheat on. Working regularly out at gym is a great idea if you have the time and determination to do so. However, if you are not a workout freak or if you get tied up with work, don’t use an expensive gym membership. Exercise at your own convenient time. Run around the block, do few sit-ups before getting in the shower, or opt for spring cleaning your home during the weekend. There are many ways to get fit if your heart is into it. If you need someone to guide and push you, then opt for a trainer. However, if you make your own exercise routine, keep a tab on your weight and eat healthy meals, it might work out better for your weight loss programme.


Most slimming treatments are a huge dent on your pocket. Most treatments cost between Dh3,000 and Dh5,000. And once the slimming treatment is over, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain your weight. Moreover, the biggest catch is that most of these treatments are simple shortcuts to losing weight. Hence, they not just fail to retain your newly acquired reduced bosy weight, but also prove to be harmful in the long run.
Get yourself to meditate daily, strengthen your immune system by opting for herbs and greens, reduce your sugar intake and cut down on calories, build your bone density by taking in calcium and don’t forget that weekly spring cleaning. You can also tend to you garden or take your pet out for a walk. Yes all these do take longer for your body to start losing that extra flab, but the results are safer and healthier.


Protein shakes and vitamin tonics plague almost all weight-loss product markets. Be careful before you opt for these drinks as they are not just expensive but often come with side effects. Remember, too much protein or vitamin may result in serious health issues. Hence, consult your doctor before you opt for these drinks. Fit accessories like bracelets, pendants and rings also promise to make you healthy, slim and fit in a month’s time. Buying them may seem harmless, but they definitely do not come cheap. Moreover, spending money on such things becomes a habit and you end up being a couch potato wearing these fancy stuff.
First, be wise and look for the fine print to know what exactly you will be achieve if you take health drinks. Keep in mind that water is safer than any ‘fit’ drink. It’s better to buy a pack of fruits or some green tea and cooking up a healthy meal. Working out at your own pace is also beneficial. Just remember to flush your system often by sipping on fluids, especially water, all day. A healthy weight can be achieved with the right perspective and strategy. Results can be seen best with motivation, a determination to do something right for yourself.


Sportswear asides, workout outfits are crucial for avoiding injuries while exercising in gyms. While this is true, buying these outfits can certainly shoot your expenses up. So think twice before you reach out for those branded attires. Many of us go on a buying spree but rarely use these outfits while exercising.
Your aim is to lose weight and you can do that in your old sweatshirt or your tracksuit. Browse through the net for workout videos and start an exercise regime at home. This way, you won’t have to buy new attires for gym sessions. In fact, wear any of your old clothes that have been in your closet for years.

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