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Indira Kasaeva savours the breakfast flavours of the Go Healthy menu and here’s the feedback
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on September 20, 2015

Located at Movenpick Hotel in the JLT cluster A, Nosh restaurant offers fusion cuisine with themed nights. The variety is an impressive range of options with seafood nights, international buffets, Friday brunches and much more. This time however, we decided to try out the breakfast buffet of their Go Healthy menu…

We arrived a little too late at 9:30am with the breakfast being till 10:30am, however we managed to taste more than enough from the gorgeous looking treats on display. From freshly baked bread to making our own fresh juice, everything was lined up along several counters. With small handwritten name tags, there was a certain home feel to the line-up of the dishes.

Whether you prefer a light version of a croissant with coffee or a hearty omelette with smoked bacon there were options for any heart’s desire. Everything looked really simple and tasty, so we filled up our plates in no time.

Starting off from the beginning of the long counter, we got some fresh croissants at the ‘bakery’ section and proceeded to order omelette. There is a station throwing out fresh waffles and pancakes where you can also order anything in particular that comes to your mind; we went for the typical option of omelette with bacon, tomatoes and cheese. After filling our plates with a few more bites we headed to our table.

The omelette with bacon, cheese and tomatoes was packed with flavour just perfect with a little fresh bread. But if your prefer something more serious, take on sautéed mushrooms, baked potatoes and the smoked turkey ham with plums. We have to say that the combination of ham glazed with plums seemed odd, however the taste was magnificent. Who would have thought that plums cooked with fried smoked turkey ham could go so well? Not too sweet but intriguing, it gave off an interesting twist to your typical ham. Accompanied with potatoes and mushrooms, the plum ham was a wild combination of sweet and sour meat.

On a lighter version, muesli with raspberry and apple had a tangy taste – it wasn’t sweet at all, but very light and fruity with a sour green apple flavour. Next on the go was the yogurt with fruit jam – which we loved; the layers of kiwi jam and white yogurt were a delightful fusion of slight sweetness of the fruit and sourness of the yogurt in cute little glass jars. To add to that we had a plate of fresh cut cubes of watermelon and melon, which were actually very sweet and refreshing.

Saved for the last we had our croissants and the waffles along with the green tea and coffee. Croissants were your ordinary, but the waffles were just finger-licking. Thrown out hot right from the kitchen, we topped them with fresh whipped cream and strawberry jam – which gave them a sweet and soft taste – I wouldn’t mind having them every breakfast for the entire next year. The whipped cream cooled the soft waffle still hot and topped with an acidly sweet strawberry jam – it was a luxurious flavour.

All in all, it was a full, healthy and delicious breakfast that loaded us up with energy. The next time we actually felt hungry it was almost the evening. The great thing about Nosh is that the food is simple, fresh, tastes pretty good and is very much home-made. In terms of the interior décor, Nosh is simple and chic with subtle tones of beige marble, browns and whites. If the weather allows, it’s best to take the outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the lake. The breakfast buffet from the Go Healthy menu runs every day from 6:30am till 10:30am if you want to enjoy healthy breakfast. Most of the food is organic, fresh, baked and cooked in-house. The sunlight along with sumptuous delights of Nosh made our morning, as we left Movenpick Hotel full and happy, ready to take on whatever the day might bring. Nothing too extravagant, but simple, delicious and healthy – three words to describe our breakfast at Nosh.


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