PRONTO Always Saves the Day!

Worry no more as Pronto is there to provide you healthy food to jump-start your day!
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Published on March 3, 2016

Every day before going to work, the battle always starts by deciding whether to cook and eat breakfast at home or just get yourself going and run straight to work because you can’t afford to lose much time. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Worry no more because Pronto is literally everywhere to save you from rushing and at the same time provide you good and healthy food to jump-start your day!



Pronto never fails and I mean that genuinely. This is where I get my everyday brewed coffee and bagel. It’s the perfect combination, try it! During lunch, I make sure I don’t miss their baguette sandwich freshly made from their kitchen with a health-conscious salad on the side. I know these are simple dishes while having a rough day, but it is guaranteed to sustain energy, conveniently fast on a busy day, and served to you just the way you want it. And before heading home, it’s almost like a tradition to stop by and bring home some of their muffins. They are a heavenly treat after going through another work day. Oh, and their muffins are also good with coffee!


The thing is, when you start your day rough, it’s hard to turn things around instantly especially when you don’t have much positivity left. And what I love about Pronto is this: they make sure you will get through your day whatever it takes by simply infecting you with their positive vibe and warm smiles. That alone is a game changer for me. They have such remarkable customer service that I also highly recommend dining in their cafes! If that isn’t enough to convince you, then I don’t know what is.


Make sure to visit them one of these days and see for yourself the things I love about this cafe. With more than 38 locations in the region located at selected ZOOM stores and ENOC/EPPCO petrol stations.


Check them out on Twitter and Instagram @ProntoToGo and like their Facebook page. Share them what you think and use the hashtag #ProntoToGo.


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