Should Steve Jobs be blamed for this?

A beauty mart, a virtual girlfriend, a mobile that farts, a distant smooch and a passion accelerometer — Anees Baloach picks up the weirdest apps that the iphone can boast off
The Community By Anees Baloach
Published on July 1, 2014
virtual girl

While Apple’s invention of iPhone is cool and iconic and there’s a plethora of iPhone out in the market, only a few women may perhaps be interested in this high-tech gadget. However, there’s something extremely interesting that makes iPhone more than ‘wanted’ other than being the usual device for chats and voice calls for the fairer sex.
Ladies — you always want to look beautiful… And not just beautiful, but you also want to use the latest and best beauty products in the market. An application by the name of ‘Sephora to Go’ may help you search for the latest beauty products. And with every product coming with a tutorial, do you think that you will still need to visit the store?
Now coming to you guys, let me tell you that the iPhone has some really ridiculous applications. The first one, which you possibly can’t use in this part of the world, comes with the tagline — ‘pocket girlfriend’. This application is for all those out there who are into ‘nasty’ stuff. After you choose a girl, you have three options: zoom, talk and ask.
With the ‘zoom’ option, you can literally zoom in to her various body parts, while with the ‘talk’ option, you can make your new virtual girlfriend talk to you in a sexy manner. And with the ‘ask’ option, you can type in any question and your new girlfriend will answer you in a cute way, which may even turn you on. Well, isn’t it somewhat kinky? If you can’t find this app, download ‘Virtual Girlfriend’.
Well if you consider this to be ridiculous, then how about an application that keeps farting? As you slide and pull off your finger, your iPhone farts. The app comes with a name —‘Pull My Finger’. However, future versions have promised to bring in more variations in the ‘farting’ sounds.
‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’ is yet another absurd application worth only $2 (Dh7.35). A new couple may not kiss on their first date. They may wait for a while to establish their relationship first. That may take many dates.
However, with the introduction of this application, the couple can at least ‘formulate’ the ‘feeling’ by kissing virtually. All you have to do is take your picture and press the ‘kiss’ button, which will automatically create a smooch for your better half.
And finally, is anyone out there desperate to check how good he is at having sex? If yes, then another weird iPhone application can tell about your ‘bed performance’. Passion is the name of the application and it uses microphones and accelerometer to check your urge and sexual performance.
Steve Jobs assuredly did not have these in mind. He introduced Apple and its products so that people can benefit from them in a positive way, and not be entertained in such bizarre ways.

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