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Mouth-watering Chilli Con Carne and exotic Pink Lemonade – The Community brings you organic food bursting with flavours
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on August 18, 2015
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We entered Java Jolt into a cloud of freshly brewed coffee aroma that stirred up our senses. As I was pulling up a chair I glanced up to the wall covered with contemporary artworks. Java Jolt is proud of supporting local artists. The sunlight streaming from the glass wall made us consider al fresco dinning on the terrace, but with the rising heat we situated ourselves at a wooden table across the art. Nearby a few men were seated in soft arm-chairs over coffee, while a young woman was focused on working behind her laptop.

As we scan the menu we debate on what to order from the wide a variety of salads and sandwiches, homemade bagels, muffins, organic teas, raw hand-roasted organic coffee and other refreshing drinks.

I started off with a Pink Lemonade (Dh20) which was a sour mix of cranberry and lemons. The extremely bright and sour drink was too tangy at the first sip, but after pouring in around half of the sugar syrup that comes on the side, the perfect balance of sweet and sour revitalized my taste buds with delicious flavour. My friend’s Caramel Macchiato (Dh18) was a perfect creamy blend of organic coffee and caramel. According to her, it was a more smooth and refreshing texture for the typical coffee. Both drinks were served in cool glass jar cups.

For our snack we got a Hot and Cold Turkey Sandwich (Dh25).  Biting into the bagel you can distinguish the taste of turkey, with crunchy lettuce, cheese in a sweet chilli sauce. While the bagel was a bit dry, the stuffed mix created a mildly spicy and sweet flavour.

Next on turn was the meal of the day, which was Chilli Con Carne (Dh35) served with rice and small bowl of salad on the side. Typically I don’t prefer spicy dishes, but Chili Con Carne had an appetizing look which made me try it out. A thick mix of beef, beans, green peppers and chilli in tomato sauce, it ignited my tongue with spicy flavour. While being too spicy, topped with white rice it soothes flaming aftermath and creates a unique flavour.

My most favourite though, was the Tanned Tomato Soup (Dh20). It was the ultimate bliss of creamy red flavour. Made out of sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, and parmesan cheese it was a thick texture of sweetness. The sour dough bread served alongside added just the right pinch of salt to the sweetness of the soup. If you visit Java Jolt, definitely savour this delicacy of a soup.

For dessert we had a Java Jolt special Milk Tart (Dh18) and a Chocolate brownie (Dh10).  The milk tart is for lovers of something exotic and milky, the taste is similar to custard jelly. Much like a cheese cake, the tart is soft milky jelly-like texture on a sweet crust topped with cinnamon, apricots and walnuts. It has a mild creamy taste that is not too sweet. The brownie is a square of thick soft and a bit crunchy chocolate fudge with crumbled cookies on top. Any chocolate lover will fall in love with the mind-blowing chocolate taste. As you take a bit you feel the strong flavour taking over your mind. And the petite size is just right to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Java Jolt is mostly about organic and fresh products, boasting a wide variety of snacks and vibrant meals. From freshly baked organic bread to raw-organic coffee, you will definitely get food of exceptional quality and taste. The relaxed environment makes it a perfect place to read a book, do some work or enjoy some quality time with friends and family over delicious meals.

Fast facts
Cost for two: Dh150 (approximately)
Address: Level 1, Le Solarium Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis
Timing: Sunday-Thursday 7am to 7pm, Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Contact details: +971-4-320-9292
Recommendations: Tanned Tomato Soup, Chilli Con Carne, Brownie, Caramel Macchiato



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