Students join hands for the differently able

Students join hands to help cerebral palsy patients in the Middle East
The Community By Mohammed Abu Hawash
Published on August 1, 2014
Child disability

DUBAI-AMMAN Millions of children — and the number is still rising — are affected by cerebral palsy, a crippling disorder caused by the damage of the motor control centre of the brain. These children face difficulty in movement and communication. And yet, there are a miniscule number of professional organisations that cater to the needs of those suffering from this congenital disorder in the Middle East.

Keeping this gap in perspective, and with an aim at providing conductive education to these children, a group of students from the King’s Academy in Jordan has launched Kursi Wa Kitab to offer the much needed assistance to these children. Collaborating with the Peto Institute in Hungary, that offers a programme to help cerebral palsy patients build an independent future, these students overcame several challenges and shortcomings. Finally, the efforts of these young men and women were recognised when the Queen Rania Children’s hospital in Amman hosted its first Jordanian-Hungarian conference on conductive education last year.

It was then that the Peto Institute decided to work with Kursi Wa Kitab along with the Royal Medical Services to bring conductive education to Jordan. Working within a tight budget, these students launched a seven-week pilot programme by raised money for renting the centre, paying for the specialists and supervisors and buying supplies. Despite the fact that the centre runs on a JD20,000 (Dh100,000) deficit, the Kursi Wa Kitab initiative still created an environment to cater to the needs of cerebral palsy patients. The pilot programme will begin on August 10, 2014. The Peto institute will be sending in specialists, and the centre in Amman will finally open its doors to the children. Disabled children are part of our society, and accommodating their needs is our responsibility. The conductive education centre in Amman hopes to receive support from those who share its vision of a more inclusive society.

Please contact to know more about contributing and donating to the Conductive Education Centre in Amman.


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