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Worried about how to engage your child this summer? Shayantani Sinha lists a bunch of cool sites to keep your little one busy!
The Community By Shayantani Sinha
Published on June 1, 2014
sites for kids

Here’s a bunch of cool activity websites to keep your children occupied this coming summer holidays…


As children, almost all of us were taught Origami — the wonderful Japanese art of paper folding. Easter break is the perfect time for you to kindle that passion in your child. Log on to, give your little one lots of paper, prepare some lemonade and light snacks for a fun-filled noon — and you end up crafting some exclusive creative memories. The site has themes based on animals, fruits and vegetables, sea creatures, flowers, clothes, and even numbers and symbols.


With children following you around the house, you’re constantly subjected to the inumerable questions. Log on to wonderopolis.
org to nurture your child’s curiosity about the world. Wonderopolis poses an intriguing question every day — how small is an ant’s brain compared to an elephant’s? How many people are there on earth? What is the strongest muscle in your body? Why is it easier to lift someone
in water than on land? Who invented chewing gum? Why is grass green? What makes us blink?


Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. Ask your to log on to — a site packed with age appropriate puzzles and games that stimulate thinking, logic and problem solving. The games on the site are divided into categories such as quick thinking, logic, physics, hidden object puzzles, math, jigsaws, word and picture games, brain teasers, memory, quizzes and spot the differences.


Fun, Learn and Mocomag — these are the three sections on The Fun section has creative activities like arts and crafts, drawing, games, stories, nature and outdoor activities. Enter the Learn section and your kids can dive into subjects like history, arts, geography, culture
and more. Register on Mocomi and kids get free access to the “Mocomag”, an online magazine, for six months.
There’s a lot of content on the internet,
but not all of it is suitable for kids. On the other hand, there is a large chunk of information that may not be intended for them but is still safe, educational and entertaining. Ask your child to log on to to watch videos on how things work, how stuff is made, about machines, languages, sports, inventions, nature and even humourous ones like Charlie Chaplin’s dinner roll dance in Gold Rush.


The drawing tutorials on are simple; and seemingly complex sketches of animals, Disney characters, mythical creatures, superheroes, people, plants, scenes and even The Simpsons are broken down into basic strokes and curves that kids can follow. You can aslo print out a few drawing lessons every week, and hand them to your little Michelangelo.

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