Surf the Dubai winds

UAE beaches are the perfect place to try your skills at windsurfing
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on April 7, 2015
Surf the Dubai winds

UAE beaches are the perfect place to try your skills at windsurfing. Enjoy a thrilling ride, the fresh breeze and some tidal waves on a sunny day in Dubai. Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing into one exciting sport that can become your new favourite hobby. The mild winds and low tides provide the perfect setting to learn the tricks and master the art of gliding over water using the force of the wind. A day spent windsurfing at the beach will surely be enjoyed, especially if you meet fellow surfers and make new friends. People are friendly, especially if you happen to share a common hobby, so don’t be afraid to pick up some technique from pros. Windsurfing has become a popular hobby and you will see plenty kites gliding in the horizon. You can take up special courses with professional trainers to learn how to master windsurfing in the shortest and most easy way. It will be a fun and exciting experience.
One of the best windsurfing locations in Dubai is Kite beach; the name does it justice, providing some really cool winds not only good for flying kites, but also for surfing the waves. The beach spot is great because you can just rent the surfing equipment right then and there. You also have the options to buy the surfboard and sail if you decide to get serious about windsurfing. The best for Dubai’s tides are the Free ride or Formula type boards with a Freeride type sail and a hefty fin.
Try something new and experience the thrill and challenge of windsurfing in the azure blue waters of Dubai beaches.


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