Surfing the Dubai sands

Try out something new this winter! Sandboarding anyone? Or how about some sand skiing?
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on February 17, 2015
Surfing the Dubai sands

Whether you miss snowboarding back home or you want to acquire some new skills, the Dubai desert has got you covered! Sandboarding aka sand surfing was actually invented in Brazil, however the cool activity spread all around the world and the UAE is no exception. With golden sand dunes all round, Dubai is a pure heaven for sand boarders and sand skiing enthusiasts. The tranquil setting of the desert will set you into another atmosphere where you will leave all your worries behind and enjoy some adventurous fun. Gear up into your board or skis and set off from the top of a sand mountain for the ultimate adrenaline rush. If you’ve never tried sandboarding or sand skiing before, all you need is some interest because you will have a blast learning to master the sport. The soft shifting sand will provide a painless landing in case you fall. It will be a fun test for your coordination and balance, while a few laughs are guaranteed too. Gather up some friends or family and make it into a desert picnic, you’ll definitely enjoy your time. In case you don’t have your own gear, or you just want to try out sandboarding, there are safari tours that offer the experience as part of their package. So don’t hesitate and get surfing!

Explorer Tours
Contact: +971-4-286 19 91

Day Out Dubai
Contact: +971-4-262 88 89

Desert Rangers Dubai
Contact: +971-4-456 99 44


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