Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Fashion Week and a launch of a new store every other month — Dubai is city teaming with designer brands, local fashion stores and everything you might think of buying. A true shoppers’ paradise where you can roam from mall to souq, Dubai is the ultimate shopping destination. At the huge malls you can literally shop till you drop at the hundreds of outlets selling everything from clothes to food. Besides having everything and anything, the malls of Dubai are also a great place for dining and entertainment. Mall of the Emirates is a home to … Read more

Have some free time on your hands? Visiting Dubai?  Don’t miss a chance to visit the largest vertical garden in the world! Dubai’s Miracle Garden broke the Guinness World Record with its fascinating floral arrangements. Discover the wonder of waterfalls of flowers at Dubai’s Miracle Garden. The name speaks for itself with the park’s display of 45 million blooming florals. Created in various installations all around the vast grounds of the park, the colourful sights are a truly unique masterpiece of alfresco landscaping. Changing blooms and decorations every season, the park will amaze guests every single time. Not only beautiful … Read more

With UAE’s love for horses, horse-riding is almost a national sport so there is no better place to try out your equestrian skills. The noble activity offers a lot of fun, especially with the cool options Dubai has to offer!  For a day full of beautiful views, friendly atmosphere and some exciting trails, go horse-riding in the desert! You might even spot some wild life on your way.  If you’re not a desert fan head to the beach and go swimming with the horses! Yes, you read that right; you can actually go horse-riding at the beach and take a … Read more

Experience Dubai like never before as you float above the city or the desert on a hot air balloon ride – it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. Nothing beats the magnificent views of the land from the height of 900m and the freedom of open air. When it comes to a hot air balloon ride, you have two options to choose from; a ride over the desert terrain or hovering over the city. Watch the splendour of a gorgeous desert sunrise or sunset, spot wild animals and take photos of the mysterious and grand … Read more

You may have seen them wandering the desert, but to witness camels racing is a fascinating sight! Watch a new twist on an age-old desert tradition of camel racing. The sport has progressed from racing with child jockeys in the midst of the sandy dunes, to racing on custom built tracks with electronic jockeys.  A mesmerising scene to see, camel racing is a perfect weekend activity for the whole family. The free event gathers spectators from all around the country to watch as camel owners compete for luxury prizes and a chance to participate in every race in the region. … Read more

Fishing is a sport and fishing is an art. In the UAE it is one of the best experiences to try if you’ve never tried it before.  With waters teaming with exotic fish, there is no better place to try your luck in fishing. No matter what technique you use; angling, netting or trapping, any catch will be rewarding. The best fishing is the deep sea fishing. Set off into the middle of the sea on a sunny day and throw in the line. As you anticipate the tug of the hook, you can enjoy the stunning views around you. … Read more

Whether you miss snowboarding back home or you want to acquire some new skills, the Dubai desert has got you covered! Sandboarding aka sand surfing was actually invented in Brazil, however the cool activity spread all around the world and the UAE is no exception. With golden sand dunes all round, Dubai is a pure heaven for sand boarders and sand skiing enthusiasts. The tranquil setting of the desert will set you into another atmosphere where you will leave all your worries behind and enjoy some adventurous fun. Gear up into your board or skis and set off from the … Read more

Change your daily routine and set out on a kayaking expedition! Explore the UAE from another angle as you paddle your way into unique places of local flora and fauna. From Abu Dhabi to the emirates of the East Coast, there are hidden coves and exotic mangroves just waiting to be discovered. On the other shore, you can check out Dubai’s iconic landmarks like the Atlantis hotel and the Burj Al Arab by kayaking in Jumeirah.  Abu Dhabi and Umm al Quwain offer archipelagos and mangroves with great chances to spot flamingos, sea turtles and rich marine life. The stunning … Read more

Love some adrenaline-rush? Take the best of what Dubai sands have to offer. Dune bashing is one the most daring and craziest desert experiences to try. You will never forget the thrill of setting off a top of a dune! Driving on high speeds on the shifting desert sands is not that easy either. Definitely meant for the adventurous hearts out there, you will struggle to stay in control while your 4×4 sends heaps of sands into the air on another turn. You will be amazed by the skills of professional desert drivers as they take the jeeps rushing up and down the sandy mountains. … Read more


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