In UAE the long awaited Apple phone went on sale at midnight Saturday, with people standing in lines to get their hands on the latest model. Local telecommunications services providers Du and Etisalat, as well as large electronic stores saw large numbers of customers eager to buy the new phone. Besides the over the counter sales, there were also many who wanted to receive their prepaid orders.  Special outlets had to be opened to meet the demand for the new phones. From the outside there are almost no physical changes to the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus if … Read more

Take a scenic ride to the top of Jebel Hafeet along one of the greatest roads in the world…

For some really cool and unique fun, try out crab hunting at night! Set off in a boat to a special location in Umm al Quwain and be prepared to chase some crabs. You will have to wander the waters geared up with a spear and torchlight, before you spot your prey. A fun activity for young and old, everyone can try a hand in crab hunting. The low tide, which is the best time to hunt crabs, makes it safe even for children to try out this hunting mission. Coming back to the process, as soon as you spot … Read more

I can call it the prince of the seasons, summer! 3 months of joy and jolly, big celebration and preparation for families in this period, as an important season, kids get very excited when it comes to summer, very special for kids, why? Because they have gifts, they spend more time with their friends, go to the beach, travel and have fun, no school no homework, but lately, holidays in summer become simply a three months routine that doesn’t change, routine full of heat and boredom… This year, why not make summer the special season that it is? Well I … Read more


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