The alkaline diet

Try out the diet of A-list celebrities, Indira Kasaeva guides you to a healthier menu
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on October 5, 2015

With the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham all following the alkaline diet, there are definitely some great results based on the looks of the superstars. Keeping you looking and feeling young is one out of the numerous benefits of the alkaline regime.

The science behind the scenes

The essence of the alkaline diet is to eat foods that will keep your body’s “acid-alkaline” balance at a certain level and the alkaline pH level in your blood at 7.365.  Keeping your alkaline levels in control brings weight loss and high energy boosts among other long term and short term benefits. The alkaline menu is full of products that have regenerative, healing, energy boosting and weight controlling effects. Better skin, vitality and energy throughout the day, anti-ageing and easy weight-loss along with better mood and concentration – these are the major advantages of the diet. In fact, it is not a diet where you have to starve yourself, eat small portions or keep dieting for a certain amount of days.  The alkaline diet is more of a healthy lifestyle under the raw eating umbrella.

On the menu

Whole, ripe, raw and organic– is what is primarily on the menu. Essentially, the focus is on eating alkalizing raw food, mainly greens. Be ready to fall in love with spinach, wheatgrass and celery because these ingredients have great effect on your skin and energy levels. You should eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy oils, seeds and a bit of nuts along with some supplements like wheatgrass shots.  And the most important part is drinking alkaline water. While the alkaline menu foods help maintain your blood pH on the right levels, acidic foods like processed foods, dairy, meat, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol put your body into a mini-emergency mode. Acidic foods should be jotted out of your new healthy lifestyle. The best part about the diet is that you can eat hearty meals up to five times a day.

Tips on getting started

You can alkalize your own diet with a few easy habits. Every morning do deep breathing exercises or drink lemon water. Drink room-temperature water with lemon juice to alkalize your metabolism.  Breathing is also a great technique: Take ten slow deep breaths; inhaling, holding your breath for a couple of seconds (to the count of three) and exhaling – this is instant cell alkalization. And to add a few more tips: Move and eat your salad. A bowl of salad should become a daily routine and the greener it is the better for you. As for moving; talk a walk every day, it doesn’t have to be an hour long cardio work out. A walk moves your lymph system which makes it a great way to alkalize your system.

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