The dark story of Salman Khan’s body guard

Salman Khan’s body guard, who was also the prime witness in the star’s hit-and-run case, died a miserable death after a series of mysterious and unfortunate events…
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on May 11, 2015

“I stood by my statement till the end, but my department did not stand by me. I want my job back, I want to survive. I want to meet the police commissioner once,” said Ravindra Patil just two days before his death.

Ravindra Patil was the prime witness to scandalous 2002 hit-and-run case accusing Salman Khan of killing one man and injuring four others. Out of the 27 witnesses, Patil’s statement was the only solid evidence against Khan and only statement could turn the case around for the famous Bollywood star. However, the body guard didn’t make it to the court to testify as a witness in most of the hearings…

On the night of the incident, Patil was with Khan accompanying him as his bodyguard, when Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser crashed the American Express bakery killing a homeless man and injuring four others. While Salman rushed off from the crime scene, it was Patil who went to the police to issue a report. In the report he stated that Salman Khan was behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. It was this statement that served as the main evidence in court where Khan was recently found guilty.

Following the report, Ravindra was first removed from his duties as a Special Operations Squad commando for figuring as witness in the high profile case and was later isolated by the whole department of Mumbai Police. It got only worst when in 2006 the bodyguard went missing, not showing up to five court hearings. Soon, the court issued a warrant for Patil’s arrest. Despite eye-witness protection laws, Patil was found and sent to jail where he underwent abuse and harassment.

Patil went missing again after being released from the cell, only to be found in September 2007, in a critical condition at a Sewri TB hospital. Weighing 30kgs and diagnosed with tuberculosis, Ravidnra Patil was a changed man with little chances of survival. No one knew that he was the prime witness of Salman Khan’s high profile hit-and-run case. It is said the mental and physical pressure had taken toll on the life of the bodyguard. He was shut out by everyone including his department and his family. Arriving in a critical condition, Patil told the doctors that he had to beg on the streets to get a cab to hospital. Ravindra Patil died on October 4, 2007.


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