Top five exercises for thighs

The Community gives you a home workout for fabulous thighs
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on August 22, 2015

Train your lower body at home with these easy exercises that will shape, tone and pump your legs and butt. With no equipment required, it is solely your determination and effort that are required to get the sexy legs you’ve always dreamed of.  Stick to a healthy diet and complete these exercises rigorously every day.

Squats are one of the best exercises for the lower body, especially for your thighs and butt. Place your legs shoulder length apart, straighten your back, pull in your abs; from this position, lower your butt to the ground bending from the knees. Be careful not to arch your back. Go down slowly and shoot up to the initial position pushing hips slightly to the front.  Do at least three sets of 15 reps, then gradually increase the sets and reps. When you get confident with squats, you can add weights; just grab a few dumbbells into each hand.

There are several variations of lunges that ultimately work to shape your thighs, glutes and hamstrings. Stand straight with your feet a bit apart and keep your hands close to your chest for balance, then pull one knee up and lunge forward so when your foot lands on the ground, your knee is bent 90 degrees. Go back to the main position. After completing a set on one leg, switch to the other leg.  When you learn how to balance, you can use dumbbells in each hand.  When forward lunges are completed, do the opposite; stretch your leg backward so that the front knee is 90 degrees and then bring the backward stretched knee forward to your chest. Repeat at least 10 times for each leg making up 3 or 4 sets.

It is extremely important to perform deadlifts in proper form, not only to get any results but also to avoid injury. Ask a professional to guide you through the correct positioning and execution. You will need some weights for this.  Dead lift works many muscles such as the hamstrings, the glutes, the quads, and the upper and lower back.

Keep your core strong and your back slightly arched at all times. Stand close to the bar and bend your needs just enough to grasp the bar. Make sure your toes are pointing out straight and your knees are not too bent.  With your back strong, knees slightly bent carefully straighten up lifting the bar. When you go up, straighten using your lower body and bring the hips front. You should feel your hamstrings stretch and tighten your glutes. Stay in a straight position for a few seconds and then lower the bar to the ground the same way. Focus on working your leg muscles. Start with lighter weights and then proceed to heavier options.  As you progress also increase the number of sets; as a beginner you can start off with three sets of 10 reps.

Butt lift
You will need a chair or a table for the exercise. Lie down straight on your back and place your feet on a chair or table, so that your legs are bent in 90 degrees.  Lift one straight leg into the air and push it up lifting your butt and back, until only your shoulders and head are in the ground. You use your other leg that is placed on the chair for the main push to lift your body. Return to the initial position and repeat at least 10 times for each leg. When you’re done with the second leg, place both feet on the chair in the initial position and push your butt up to form a straight line from your knees to the shoulders. Repeat this at least 20 times. In general, the more you do the better,  just start slowly.

Leg swings
Lie down on one side of your body, propped up against your bent elbow. Extend your legs. Lift the upper leg 90 degrees, and then bring it down again. Complete legs swings at least 10-15 times with each leg and a total of three sets. This exercise will strengthen your hips, glutes and most importantly outer thighs.

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