Vienna: City of Dreams

The fascinating fact about Vienna
The Community By Vienna
Published on February 15, 2016

The fascinating fact about Vienna that has attracted the world for decades is that it is beyond one’s imagination to experience how it is like to live in the old medieval times and at the same time be drawn to the way it is now by witnessing first-hand how old traditions can be carried out in the modern world with so much grace and respect.

Some notable places, things, people, and food you should consider trying and seeing while exploring this dream city are the following:

  1. Museums and Palaces. There is no other place in the city to view some of the most stunning architecture designs in the world with accompanying centuries-old stories than in Vienna’s very own palaces and museums. To name a few that should definitely be on your list: Schonbrunn Place, Belvedre Palace, Hofsburg Palace, Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna Museum, MuseumsQuatrier among others.
  1. Pastries and Coffees. Traditionally, coffee shops in Vienna is an essential part of Viennese culture where people back then consider them as the ‘thinking place’ in which intelligent conversations happen. And of course, coffee without pastry is like a day without breakfast. Viennese cuisine is comprised with sumptuous dishes and is well made of old pastry recipes. You should try the famous Sachertorte cake, apple strudel, and Viennese crepes. Recommended coffee shops: Cafe Central, Cafe Landtmann, Cafe Kafka, Alt Wien, and Cafe Sperl.
  1. Parks, Gardens, and Zoos. One thing to admire about Vienna is that it is a place not just intended for a single type of person but it prides to be a destination for the whole family; for both pleasure and educational experience for kids and adults. Check out the Prater Park with its iconic giant wheel and Vienna Zoo located on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace. Spend some downtime at some of the picturesque gardens and parks like: Volksgarten, Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Sigmund Freud Park, Stadtpark, and the City Hall Park.
  1. Music and the Arts. Eminent to the world, Vienna is the home of many legend classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and Haydn. A city famous for their operettas, waltzes, and Mozart lookalikes. An absolute must-do is to watch an opera or an orchestra concert in one of these globally acclaimed opera houses: Vienna State Opera, Theatre an Der Wien, and Volksoper Vienna.                                                                                 

Vienna in a nutshell is a destination of a lifetime, a dreamscape, a legend, and a city moulded by time and nurtured with history.  Learn more about Vienna.

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