Visit the “Norway of Arabia”

Pick a day and take a trip into the fairy-tale settings of the unique Musandam Khasab
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on April 8, 2015

Pick a day and take a trip into the fairy-tale settings of the unique Musandam Khasab. Immerse yourself into the breath-taking nature of scenic fjords, azure blue and emerald green waters, and the rocky Hajjar Mountains. Famed for its beautiful nature, Musandam Khasab is a popular destination for people who appreciate serene views of the flora and fauna.
Musandam is located in Oman so the trip from Dubai will be around three hours; however the stunning sights are definitely worth the ride. Arrive at the location and get on board of a traditional wooden dhow to spend the day cruising the scenic waters of the Arabian Gulf. Get excited as you spot dolphins and basking sharks joining you for the ride. It will be the perfect opportunity to capture the wilderness and marine life of Musandam as you glide between the fjords and explore the wild islands. For extra fun you can even dive into the water and enjoy a swim or try out hand line fishing. Take some friends and enjoy a banana boat ride before returning on board for a perfect lunch with gorgeous views of the surroundings. It will be a beautiful day in the sun and stunning landscapes.
After your cruise, you can explore the town itself with its iconic landmarks like the Khasab Castle or the Palm Mangroves. So travel beyond the UAE and take a trip to Oman. Don’t forget to grab your original passport and Emirates ID for the check up on the border. Get away from the rush of Dubai and be enchanted by Musandam Khasab with its tranquillity, majestic settings and serene beauty.

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