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It is one of the most popular games in the world; Indira Kasaeva strikes you with volleyball
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on October 4, 2015

Volleyball is not just tossing a ball above a net, you will have to learn how to serve, pass, set block and attack not to mention playing in sync with your team members and following the rules of the game. In fact, volleyball is a rewarding, fun and competitive game that requires quite some effort. The versatility of the sport is quite attractive too; from two people to 12, in the park or on a court volleyball will keep you engaged into some serious sport with all the fun and health benefits. There are several advantages to the great game not only as a cardiovascular workout but also a way to build muscular endurance and strength. It may look simple, but after just one game of hard-core volleyball you will be feeling the sore muscle aftermath for the next two days.

Love of the game

You either love it or hate it, but the more you play the more you’ll love the game. Volleyball can be played with one friend or with a whole team of friends. The UAE beaches make up a beach volleyball paradise so there’s always a great arena for practice.

Destroys fat
Whether you want to lose extra weight or maintain it, volleyball is a great fitness regime. As in any sport, you burn calories by moving around, but volleyball has a particularly good score. With one hour of volleyball you can burn up to 500 calories depending on the intensity and setting of the game! The faster pace the game and less stable the ground, the more you burn.  Plus, you will be busy concentrating on the game to notice how much you move… A relaxed game allows you to burn around 100 calories for half an hour, but an hour of hard core volley gives you smoking results!

Body toning

Be prepared to jump, squat, spike and lunge for the ball which gives you a complete body workout!

Receiving a ball after a spike will tone your glutes, thighs, calves, core and lower back, while other movements on the court will tone your arms, shoulders and upper back. You work majority of the important muscles throughout the whole body.


During the game there is a constant change of pace and direction, so volleyball really improves your hand-eye coordination and overall balance.  To strike you will have to plan to set the ball in the right spot and to receive you’ll have to quickly adapt to the level and the direction that the ball is flying at you.

Heart rate

A good fast pace game will get your blood pumping and heart racing – that is exactly why volleyball is a great cardiovascular workout. You will be jumping, moving and falling

Agility and balance

Overtime you will build muscle strength and agility because the game requires a lot of physical strength. Mere spiking or serving requires you to have strength, not to mention the essence of being a good player lies in being agile. You have to stay alert every second of the game, which bring on the next point…

Boosts mood

It is a highly rewarding experience to play and win a game with your team. As a part of the team, you will have a collective spirit striving for the same goal which is highly motivational. Team members will cheer you on and you will have to work in sync to land the ball on the opposite side of the net. Volleyball is a competitive play, so you will be very eager to succeed.

Social skills

Studies have shown that people who play team sports have better interpersonal skills than those who don’t. In volleyball you have to interact with your team under pressure and as fast as possible. You will also share the euphoria of winning and the pain of losing with your teammates, so you build connections and traits that will help you throughout life.

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