Winter décor

The Community gets into the festive mood to recreate some unique winter design ideas
The Community By Roselou Warren
Published on December 9, 2014
Winter Decor

Been active during summer? Then you deserve to be a couch potato this winter. Crouch down, snuggle indoors and enjoy a home whose décor matches the season.

The 2014 winter brings with it abundance of chic looks, taking inspiration from the latest interiors trends, albeit at a price!

However, before you frown at the thought of spending heavily on designs, take a look at what we have to offer:


Perhaps a little delicate change of colour is what you may need to capture the atmosphere of a dark, moody, monochrome palette. Sensual textures and razzle-dazzle metallic touches may conjure up an opulent, elegant sanctuary.

Be fashionable with muted tapes for a feature wall. For a hotel-chic cocoon look be more decorative. Use charcoal grey or black upholstery, cashmere and wool throws and cushions and decadent chandeliers with soft candle lights.


Don’t you just wish you can snap your fingers and be in Lake Taho in an instant? Yes, you can enjoy those log cabin retreats, with wood panelled walls and stripped floors and toast your toes in front of a traditional stove — right in your nest!

Pure pare-black simplicity of a Scandinavian-inspired style is not that difficult to evoke. Use a colour palette of neutral tones to give that cool effect.

For a more homely feel, use faux fur and velvet or chunky woollen throws and rugs. Add a peppy armchair that can be upholstered in plain linen or cotton fabrics.


If you’re more into colour, then get cosy with deep blue. It teams brilliantly with jewel-bright reds and plums to bring the season’s star shade. This colour-combo will welcome warmth in to any winter setting, and if you introduce key pieces of oak furniture, you’ll conjure a relaxed, unfussy inviting parlour.

Soft textured velvet or faux suede sofas will contrast well with polished wood, boasting of a striking natural grain. Follow the theme with dark wooden floors, gaily patterned rugs and, as a focal point, a pale stone fireplace.

Lanterns are an interesting alternative to candlesticks. They are decorative and appropriate for any season. Add an injection of rich colour with velvet cushions in gorgeous glowing shades. Keep clutter to a minimum with a coffee table, incorporating generous storage.

Bring on more blue with a turquoise throw and multi-coloured patterned cushions.

Lamps lit up any room and make you feel cosy and a wooden walnut lamp will surely match this decor. So indulge and be creative!


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