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Dance away your extra pounds, The Community tells you why you should try out Zumba…
The Community By Indira Kasaeva
Published on October 27, 2015

Transform your boring fitness routine into the ultimate party with Zumba.  Break a sweat on the dance floor as you move your body to fancy Latino beats! If you love upbeat music, then you will have a blast dancing Zumba. Time will fly by as you burn calories, have a ton of fun and forget the rest of the world. Whether you hate the gym or just want some variety to in your fitness regime, Zumba will definitely add some bright colours to your sport life.

The hip dance originated in Colombia in 1986 by sheer accident when Alberto “Beto” Perez forgot the music for his aerobics class; to fix the situation he put on some Latin music and improvised…The spontaneous class became a big hit with students and so he initiated the Latin dance class today known as Zumba. The roots of the dance lay in the interplay of several dances like salsa, cumbia, merengue, salsa and even flamenco, creating a sensual and passionate dance.

There are several reasons to give Zumba a try…

Helps you lose weight
Zumba burns from 600 to 1000 calories depending on the intensity and beat of the dance.  So rather than sweating it out on machines, wouldn’t you rather be sweating it out on the dance floor? It is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that lasts about an hour so there are obvious weight loss benefits. You won’t notice the hour pass by because you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself.

It is fun
As simple as that, Zumba is a fun exercise.  At first it will be a little challenging to keep up with the moves and beat of the music, but it will be just as rewarding when you master a new move. Imagine the excitement of mastering an entire routine! Besides, Zumba is a group session so you can bring your friends and share both the fun and funny moments.

Beneficial not just for body, but for the mind too
No matter the mood you walk into a Zumba session, you will walk out happy. There is certain energy in Zumba that revitalizes not only the body but the mind too. During a class all your attention will be shifted on making the right move in the right time. Zumba will ignite you soul with all the passion of the awe-inspiring dance.  You will forget about your worries and dance away your sorrows.

Tones your body
With the wide variety of moves you have to perform, you will be doing squats, twist and other moves as you dance to each music pace. Add to that the resistance training; by dancing Zumba you work out your entire body making every muscle work. Thus, Zumba is a great way to sculpt your body in a fun way.

Boosts your confidence
Dancing in general can boost your confidence, but Zumba requires some extra bravery to make the necessary sexy moves. When you learn to control your body to upbeat songs and when you see that you do it beautifully, your confidence levels will shoot up the roof. You will love the dance, feel comfortable performing and be empowered overall. Zumba makes you feel sexy and that comes only with great confidence.

Improves coordination
The Latino dance varies in training intervals and intensity so you will be switching between fast and slow rhythms which will sufficiently improve your coordination and balance.  This will in turn enhance your general fitness levels which will help you be more active and successful in any other dances or sports.

Introduces you to new people
You will be taking a class with a group of other people that you already have one thing in common with – you all want to dance or already dance Zumba. Considering the fun and exhilarating atmosphere that a Zumba session creates, you will easily meet new people and make new friends.  Don’t be shocked when you catch yourself looking forward to the next Zumba class!


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